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Gerriets Brings New COLOR and SPARKLE to Portable Dance & Event Flooring

Gerriets Brings New COLOR and SPARKLE to Portable Dance & Event Flooring

VARIO SPARKLE flooringGerriets International announces two new flooring products: VARIO COLOR and VARIO SPARKLE.

Gerriets' VARIO has long been beloved by dance companies and scenic and event designers for its exceptional durability and portability; it rolls up for compact storage and easy transport, then unrolls to lie perfectly flat. With a range of 183 colors, the new VARIO COLOR line creates a whole new spectrum of possibilities for performance, touring, exhibiting, and other applications in which a hard-wearing, portable floor is required. VARIO COLOR is available in matte and glossy finish and was among various new products Gerriets exhibited at LDI 2012 in October.

VARIO SPARKLE is an eye-catching new event flooring that has glitter embedded in the surface. SPARKLE is available in six variations: white with silver or gold glitter; black with silver or gold glitter; and transparent with silver or gold glitter. As with other types of VARIO flooring, SPARKLE is extremely durable and portable, easily rolling up for compact storage and transport, then unrolling to lie flat.

Full color brochures for VARIO COLOR and VARIO SPARKLE are available upon request at no charge. Both types of flooring are also featured in the new edition of the Gerriets Source Book, a comprehensive catalogue of Gerriets products. Brochures, samples, and Source Books can be ordered by email ([email protected]) or phone (609-771-8111).

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