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Gerriets Brings the Broadway to Mallorca

Gerriets Brings the Broadway to Mallorca

mallorca-gran-casino-panorama1.jpgGerriets provided three large roller screen systems for the show “Come Fly with Me” at the Gran Casino Mallorca. The project was realized in close cooperation with Gerriets Germany and Gerriets Great Britain (GBB).

The show, set in 1959 in the city of New York, is a mix of swing music, acrobatics and dancing. It transports the audience back in time to a period when the “Rat Pack” persona was in style.

Three large roller projection screen systems help to bring the Broadway atmosphere to Mallorca. At the left and right side of the stage, Gerriets installed two TUBE top roller screen systems. Each system is equipped with an 36 ft (11 m) wide x 26 ft (8 m) high OPERA white front projection surface. In the center of the stage Gerriets installed a 39 ft (12 m) wide bottom roller MEGASCREEN projection screen system. Here the carbon tube rolls up and down with the screen surface. When unrolled the screen is fully open and the carbon tube is at the bottom. The bottom roller mechanism keeps the surface absolutely flat. The projection surface is a 36 ft x 36 ft (12 m x 12 m) OPTITRANS rear projection screen.

All three screen systems are controlled via DMX and roll up and down with a speed of 32 inches per second (0.8 m/sec).

Gerriets team manager Kalle Verweyen explains: “The show asks for fast and seamless scene changes. The precise synchronizing and high speed of the roller screen systems allowed us to meet all customer demands.”

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