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Gemini Open House Demonstrates Parasol KLR-10

Gemini LSV of Dallas, Texas, will be holding an open house on November 16th & 17th, demonstrating the Parasol KLR-10 system. Gemini became the first company in the world to purchase this system. The KLR system is Parasol's second product that enables a designer to move the source point of a number of automated lighting fixtures along a pre-defined path. The KLR system is based on a patent application filed by Parasol earlier this year.

Gemini's president, Terry Cain, is excited about presenting this new patent-pending technology to its many valued customers and has lots of ideas for venues and applications for the KLR. The system will be featured at Gemini's annual open house, with location details available at

Parasol's CEO, Hermann Fruhm, remarked that this first important sale is a milestone that will be indelibly marked in Parasol‘s history, much like the first use of automated lights by Genesis in 1981. Parasol's patented technology of moving the source point of moving lights literally introduces another dimension to the world of entertainment lighting. Gemini can be contacted at +1 214-341-4822.


Parasol Advanced Lighting Systems, Suite 106 – 552A Clarke Road, Coquitlam B.C., Canada, (604) 937-7657.

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