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Gearhouse In2Structures Launches  COMBI DOME

Gearhouse In2Structures Launches COMBI DOME


Gearhouse In2Structures launched its new COMBI DOME venue structure at a special event staged at the Country Club Johannesburg in Woodmead, Johannesburg, South Africa.

The 2 day launch event received a massive response, with over 600 people visiting the new structure - a 6 bay version of the 20 metre wide COMBI DOME. This was built in a beautiful setting with commanding views across the golf course, complete with sun deck. Fabulous weather came out right on cue for the occasion.

The theme of the event was “Your Vision Your View” …. emphasizing the real portability of the COMBI DOME and its ability to be set up anywhere that suitable ground conditions apply. Gearhouse South Africa provided all technical elements to enhance the setup.

The launch kicked off with a cocktail evening, MC'd by singer/songwriter/actor Ed Jordan, with live music from the Graeme Watkins Project to get everyone in the mood. While the band were not playing, the Gearhouse/In2structures teams mingled with guests, shared information about the structure and answered questions on the technical aspects.

The second day was set aside entirely for walk-throughs, which included technical tours and Q&A sessions.

Combining movability with great aesthetics and flexibility, the COMBI DOME is the latest In2Structures' range of steel framed Domes and is ideal for all types of events.

The range also includes the larger Maxi and Supa Dome versions. With its 20 metre width, the COMBI DOME is the perfect complement to these larger venues which stand at 28 and 36 metres wide respectively.

Length is added or subtracted to the COMBI DOME with 4 metre 'Bays', and different coloured Teflon skins – including transparent and customised – can be supplied as required.

Designed as a 'compact' venue, COMBI DOME still has a serious load capacity of 1500 Kgs per arch - which will facilitate a good amount of production equipment, and the structure is certified to withstand wind speeds of up to 120 kmh.

The rigging height of 9 metres makes it ideal as an events venue … and for a rental company, one COMBI DOME can also be used as two very attractively shaped stage roofs.

It can be built as a variety of shapes and sizes with the option of attachable ‘mini' Domes that can be utilized for miscellaneous working areas like dressing and green rooms, kitchens, foyers or storage spaces.

It can be erected in 2 or 3 days with the aid of a small 8 tonne truck crane. Specialist elements unique only to In2Structures' creations include the bespoke leveling system, novel doors and entrance installation technology.

Apart from temporary and semi-permanent applications, COMBI DOME is also a highly cost effective option for permanent installations with a very reasonable square metreage cost.

The 6 bay version of the COMBI DOME deployed for the launch event offered a sizable 19 metre by 43 metre internal working space with an airy 9 metre apex.

A 9.6 metre wide circular stage was built in the bay end of the Dome to accommodate the band. The middle of the room was open, and laid out with cocktail tables and lounge areas. The back of the space offered a large area where guests could chat to personnel from In2Structures and those representing the various different Gearhouse SA Group technical/production disciplines.

Glass doors running down one side of the Dome opened out onto a wooden deck, providing stunning views of the surroundings. Combined with the temperate weather, this ensured that all could fully enjoy and appreciate the parameters of the venue as a relaxing social environment as well as a functional space.

Apart from the Cocktail format demonstrated, the COMBI DOME is ideal for 600 capacity banquets and gala dinners, and for conventionally seated conference set ups of up to 1500 delegates. However, the interior design and layout potential is completely flexible and open to all Imagineering possibilities.

Guests included key players from the corporate, live events, music and tourism industries, event managers and professional conference and exhibition organisations.

Comments on the COMBI DOME include :

"An amazing facility offering absolute value for money".

"It has a unique, impressive executive feel".

"A standard beyond the rest"

"Awesome innovative"

"Classy, very comfortable & very beautiful"

"The future of events - unlike anything I've seen before"

For more press information on Gearhouse In2Structures, please call Louise Stickland on +44 (0)1865 202679/+44 (0)7831 329888/[email protected] To contact Gearhouse In2Structures direct, call Robyn D'Alessandro on +27 (0) 11 482 8981/ +27 (0)83 607 3010 [email protected] or check

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