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GDS brings LumenRadio's CRMX to LiteWare

GDS brings LumenRadio's CRMX to LiteWare

img_1315.JPGGlobal Design Solutions (GDS), the award winning company that single handedly defined the ruggedized battery powered up-lighter category of LED fixtures, has partnered with LumenRadio to bring CRMX wireless DMX to their market leading LiteWare product line. The LiteWare UL and HO products have featured integrated wireless DMX from W-DMX and ShowDMX in the past, and are now available for immediate shipment with integrated CRMX technology; offering GDS customer advanced wireless DMX functionality and unrivaled performance.

"The reliability and frame integrity of LumenRadio's CRMX technology enabled us to enhance and expand upon features such as wireless firmware upgrades and wireless LED color calibration. These are important parts of the user experience and overall product performance. They require absolute flawless data transfers; which we found were one of the many performance areas where CRMX really excels", explains GDS Design Engineer Adam Cooper.

"We saw an increased demand in the market for the level of features and performance that LumenRadio offers and a rapidly growing awareness of the CRMX brand among our customers. That coupled with LumenRadio's superb technical OEM support, immediate and secure product availability, and their dedication to building a strong world-wide brand made this an easy decision for us", explains Matt Lloyd, Managing Director at GDS. "The fact that CRMX receivers are compatible with W-DMX G2, G3 and G4 transmitters was also an important factor. This will protect the investments our customers already have made in our LiteWare products while enabling us to move forward with better performing technology to everybody's benefit."

"We at LumenRadio have great respect and admiration for GDS as an innovative, dynamic, and fast growing manufacturer in the notoriously demanding and competitive entertainment lighting industry. The LiteWare fixtures have truly established themselves as the market leading products in their category and can be found at events and in rental inventories all over the world. We are proud to be able to partner with GDS and look forward to this new partnership and the opportunities it brings with great expectations", says Hans Lauimg_1315.JPG, Director of OEM sales at LumenRadio.

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