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GAM's New Cue Light

GAM's New Cue Light


From The Show Floor:

GAM has a new product that sparked my interest. GAM's new Go Lite is a pretty solid, easy, and scalable cue light solution. I like how simple it is to install. Power is being sent over a phone line, minimizing running bulky cables. The LEDs are easy to see under show conditions and probably aren't likely to burn out. I realize that cue lights aren't items that really cause consternation, and I'm not sure how big the market for this product actual is, but I do think it shows GAM's people are thinking. I'm fascinated by the intersection of older technology or older gear repurposed for solving an issue today. Rather than forcing us to buy entirely new systems (which undoubted makes more money for the manufacturer), this evolutionary approach is more accessible and democratic for us all.


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