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G-LEC bring new products to LDI 2010

G-LEC bring new products to LDI 2010

Following their successful European launch, G-LEC comes to LDI this year with North American debuts of two new products.

Firstly will be the Phantom 15 screen which features a 15mm pixel pitch and is 100% integratable with the Phantom 30 larger format, high brightness LED display (with 30mm pixel pitch) and the Phantom 60, as all share the same software platform. Billed as the most transparent LED video systems available, the frames can be easily connected together regardless of resolution using the famous patented quick lock system.

Also from G-LEC will be the full launch of the re-engineered Solaris+ video curtain. Comprising 40mm diameter spheres on flexible lines, the Solaris+ offers a completely different way of incorporating video into any kind of display or project. With their white opaque diffusers (and 120mm spacing) they provided a brilliant 360° viewing angle and are completely flexible in their layout. Curtains, cubes, ceilings, chandeliers or any 3D object can now be created using Solaris+, and as the Solaris+ uses G-LEC's standard video distribution and drive technology, it can incorporate seamlessly with the Phantom panels.

Solaris+ in actionG-LEC can be found at booth 2034 on the show floor.

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