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Front-Loading Arbor from TSE Delivers Convenience and Security

Front-Loading Arbor from TSE Delivers Convenience and Security

Brickhouse Front-Loading Arbor from TSEWINONA, MN. –The Brickhouse Front-Loading Arbor (Patent Pending) from Thern Stage Equipment delivers a level of convenience and security unavailable from conventional arbors, providing stagehands with an attractive solution that solves many of the problems of traditional counterweight rigging.

Using a revolutionary new front-loading design, the Brickhouse Front-Loading Arbor from TSE makes operation ergonomic and convenient for users. Traditional counterweight arbors are difficult to load due to their side-loading design; operators are required to stretch and twist to load weights from the bottom up. With TSE's Front-Loading arbor, a series of weight shelves eliminates the need for bottom loading and allows counterweight bricks to be front-loaded at the most convenient position. Operators are no longer required to stretch and bend repeatedly to load weight bricks from the side. TSE counterweight bricks also feature built-in handles for convenient gripping and carrying.

The Brickhouse's unique weight shelves and other innovative design features also provide for more secure operation compared to conventional counterweight systems. These weight shelves eliminate the need for spreader plates and are sloped inward, using gravity to hold bricks in place during operation. A self-engaging gate on the front of the arbor also holds bricks securely during operation to prevent accidental escape.

Upgrading existing counterweight rigging systems is made easy with the Brickhouse Front-Loading Counterweight Arbor system from TSE. The Brickhouse uses conventional “T” and “J” bar wall frames and will accommodate standard 6 inch counterweight bricks in single or double purchase configurations.

To learn more about the Brickhouse Front-Loading Arbor and start building your next theatre rigging system, call TSE at 800-553-2204 or email us at [email protected] You can also visit TSE online at

Thern Stage Equipment is a fully owned and operated division of Thern, Inc. Celebrating their 60th Anniversary in 2008, Thern, Inc. is a major manufacturer of winches, hoists and cranes for a wide variety of commercial markets, including the theatre and entertainment industry. Founded in 1948, Thern is headquartered in Winona, MN. and sells their products worldwide.

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