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Freaky Freqs!

Freaky Freqs!

American DJ's Revolutionary Freq 5 & Freq 16 Combine LED Strobe With Zone Chase Effect For Freakin' Amazing Light Show

freq-strobes.jpgLOS ANGELES – (For Immediate Release) – Clubgoers everywhere will freak out with excitement when they experience the “Freqs,” two revolutionary new LED strobe bars from American DJ. More than straight strobe lights, the Freq 5 and Freq 16 are 2-in-1 FX that combine a white LED strobe with a 5-Zone and 16-Zone Chase Effect respectively, for a totally unique “eye candy” experience.

The innovative addition of the Zone Chase Effect gives these amazing fixtures the ability to create chasing white light that moves to the beat of the music, while the units' LED strobe pulsates at breathtaking speeds of up to 1,200 flashes per minute. This combination of chasing movement and flashing beams produces an ultra-high-energy light show that will instantly mesmerize the crowd and add a “wow factor” to any entertainment venue.

Great for clubs, bands, bowling centers, roller rinks and mobile entertainers, the bar-shaped fixtures can be displayed either vertically or horizontally to create different looks and conform to different spaces. “Wherever they're used, the Freq 5 and Freq 16 will add a surprise twist and tons of excitement to a special effects light show,” said Alfred Gonzales, national sales manager for American DJ.

“ADJ constantly strives to offer our customers new and different products that will make their light shows stand out from the pack,” said Gonzales. “We're very proud of the Freq 5 and Freq 16, because they certainly achieve this goal -- as combo LED strobe/Zone Chase effects, they're truly different and special. Whether used on their own or to spice up your existing effects, they will add creativity to your light show and make it a more memorable experience.”

Equipped with exciting sound-active built-in programs and 0-100% dimming, the Freq 5 and Freq 16 can be operated manually or with a standard DMX-512 controller. Both the strobe speed and dimming can be controlled via potentiometer knobs on the rear panel or via DMX. The units feature a 4-button LED display on the rear panel for easy access to `DMX settings. As another convenient option, the Freq 5 and Freq 16 can be controlled remotely with American DJ's UC3 Series of easy-to-use handheld controllers (sold separately).

Both units are linkable in Master-Slave configuration for coverage of larger areas. When run in Master-Slave Mode, they have a very cool feature called Contrast Effect Movement, which makes side-by-side units move in opposite directions, giving the appearance of even more chasing motion.

The difference between the two units is their size and output. Designed for smaller spaces, the Freq 5 contains five high-power 5-watt white LEDs and features a 5-Zone Chase Effect. It can be operated in four different DMX channel modes (1, 2, 5 or 7-channel), and includes IEC AC IN/OUT on the rear to daisy-chain power for up to 13 units. Despite its bright output and dynamic movement, it is very energy-efficient, consuming only 28 watts of electricity at maximum use. It's also incredibly compact and portable, measuring just 12”L x 5.5”W x 5.5”H/ 302 x 140 x 140 mm, and weighing 5 lbs./ 2 kg. The MSRP of the Freq 5 is $239.95.

Its larger sibling, the Freq 16, utilizes 16 x 5-watt white LEDs and includes a 16-Zone Chase Effect. It features 1, 2, 16 or 18 DMX channel operation. The Freq 16 is also equipped with IEC AC IN/OUT and can be daisy-chained in up to 3 units. Each unit uses only 91 watts maximum. The dimensions of the Freq 16 are 35”L x 5.57”W x 4.5”H/ 887 x 141 x 110 mm, and its weight is 8 lbs./ 3.6 kg. The MSRP of the Freq 16 is $559.95.

Users won't have any freakouts over service issues either, because the Freq 5 and Freq 16 will perform reliably day-in and day-out with minimal maintenance. They have no moving parts to break down, and their long-life LED lamps will run for 30,000 hours under normal use. Both effects are fan-cooled and their LEDs generate very little heat, so they can be run all night without duty cycles.

The Freq 5 and Freq 16 include a hanging bracket and a safety hook on the rear panel. They feature multi-voltage operation: AC 100-240V, 50/60 Hz (IEC socket).

For more information Contact American DJ:

U.S. Office - Tel: 800-322-6337/+1-323-582-2650 • Web:

E-mail: [email protected]

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