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It is 4am and I just got home from the theatre. We had a long work call today to hang the rest of the light plot, but we still were a bit behind schedule due to a variety of factors. Changes were made in the plot because one of my booms partially blocked an egress. Scenic fell behind schedule a little which will affect my focus call at 9am tomorrow...errr today. We probably will not get any dark time until noon. So I decided to stayed in the theatre all night/early morning because I wanted to get as much done as possible before focus. I spent some quality time with my plot. Sound was in the space late tonight as well, so at least I had some company. In the end though, nothing is more rewarding than hanging a good portion of your own plot, plus when you do, things often get done correctly the first time, and if not you know who to blame. More updates soon. There is a sitzprobe tomorrow, which lighting has been asked not to participate in, so I get a few hours of relaxation, or homework time.

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