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FLI Rigging Opens to Serve Entertainment, Film, AV Markets

FLI Rigging Opens to Serve Entertainment, Film, AV Markets

flilogo_pms440-1585edited.jpg(BELLEVILLE, Michigan - Dec. 20, 2010) Michigan's first rigging company, FLI Rigging, recently opened to service the entertainment lighting, film, AV and installation markets with professional equipment and safe, certified services.

Headquartered in Belleville, Michigan, FLI Rigging Operations Director Kevin Phail says the company was originally borne out of a need for recognized professional rigging services in their own home state, along with the neighboring Ohio and Indiana.

However, since it opened its doors this year, FLI Rigging has expanded its temporary and permanent rigging solutions throughout North America. Stage productions, special events, concerts, trade shows, corporate functions, sporting events, film production, architectural installations and other markets have found a need for their services.

This demand led to the creation of two divisions within FLI Rigging. One division handles the sales and rentals of equipment and labor to live events around the country. An extensive inventory of professionally-recognized brands of truss, motors, control systems and rigging hardware is available.

FLI Rigging's other division services hoists and motors at its Belleville facility. Services go beyond its scope as an authorized CM Warranty Repair Center. Its in-house services include equipment inspection and maintenance, load testing of chain hoists, parts, repairs and more.

Staff members are industry trained and certified under the Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP). Kevin Phail and Jimi Herr are ETCP certified as Arena Rigger and Electrician respectively. Nate Mulvihill and Jon Sogoian are CM Certified Level II Technicians.

“We employ certified technicians to provide rigging concepts, plans and specifications that meet or exceed industry standards,” Phail says. “We're committed to ensuring our clients receive the utmost quality in equipment and services.”

For more information, call Kevin Phail for Technical/Production assistance at (734) 699-4464 ext. 104 or Barb Silber for Sales assistance at ext. 105 or visit the website at


Press Release: Debi Moen, INK.

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