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Flex Rental Solutions Presented With Software Award At InfoComm

Las Vegas, June 12, 2012 – At the Rental & Staging Awards ceremony sponsored by InfoComm and NewBay Media, Flex Rental Solutions took home the coveted Best Rental Management Software Award for 2012. This was the first year Flex had been nominated for the award and the company is honored to be recognized for a product that was only released to the public two years ago.

Chris Stein, CEO, said of the award: “We designed our cloud based software with the end user in mind, and it means a lot that the users of software around the world are the people who vote. It confirms that we are moving in the right direction to deliver the best production management software that happens to be web based. By no means do we take this award as a “mission accomplished” achievement, but is a call to action for us to step up our offering with new features and functionality.”

Jeffrey Payne, CTO, also commented on the award: “I take this as a signal that our users like where we're headed with the product and want to see that trend continue. I know all of us on the Flex software engineering team are grateful for the recognition and are committed to making Flex even better for next year.”


Chris Stein

Flex Rental Solutions

[email protected]

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