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First Robe ROBIN DLFs in Benelux

First Robe ROBIN DLFs in Benelux


Rotterdam based rental and technical solutions company Peitsman Licht en Geluid (Light & Sound) has purchased Robe’s latest ROBIN DLX Spot and DLF Wash fixtures, in the process becoming the first DLF users in the Benelux region!

It is also their first investment into the Robe brand, prompted by Peitsman Licht en Geluid owner and founder Hans Peitsman’s desire to keep moving forward, thinking of the future and offering his clients the very latest, most flexible and best value technologies.

Peitsman Licht en Geluid was founded in 1994 and now has 15 full time employees. The company supplies full technical production packages to a broad cross-section of industry sectors – live shows and events, B2B and corporate presentations, theatre and television productions, parties and public entertainments.

The order for the new Robe fixtures – delivered by Benelux distributor Controllux’s Dutch office – was for 16 x ROBIN DLF Wash fixtures and 12 x ROBIN DLXs.

Ten DLFs and six DLXs went straight out on tour with Percossa, a dramatic high energy percussion ensemble – variously described as ‘a dash of circus and a pinch of rock concert’ - currently touring Benelux and France with two shows and spectacular lighting designed and operated by Maarten van Dorp.

Apart from this immediate demand, it appealed to Peitsman’s commercial thinking to be the first in the region with the DLF, which was launched by Robe at Prolight+Sound, Frankfurt 2012.

The fresnel wash fixture is aimed specifically at theatre, TV and all professional markets needing versatile fresnel style lights.

Its unique 5.5 – 60 degrees zoom has absolutely no distortion, and a diffusion filter extends the zoom range yet further to 75 degrees, making it ideal for covering cycs and other large surface areas.

It has a beam shaping module with four fully controllable blades that can simulate barn door effects, and is rotatable and indexable to plus or minus 90 degrees. The shaped beam has a soft edge, and the fast blade movement can also be used for creating fabulous wacky aerial effects.

The ROBIN DLX Spot also launched at this year’s Prolight, is the world’s first RGBW LED Spot moving head.

Peitsman also sees both the DLX and DLF as a good cross rental items, and one of their regular clients, Zoetermeer based NFGD, has also recently invested in DLXs on the strength of Peitsmans’ recommendations.

“Events are increasingly being expected to make themselves greener and more sustainable, and elements like power consumption are therefore becoming more of an issue, so the demand for energy-saving products is rising” he confirms, adding that this is another reason he started looking at Robe.

Although Robe is not the only manufacturer on the scene, he feels that the brand currently has one of the best quality-engineered and extensive ranges available based on the ‘smaller, lighter brighter’ ethos.

Additionally there are all the other benefits of having LED technology in rental stock, like lower on-going maintenance costs and a decent ROI, all of which makes the investment a shrewd move!

Photo shows Jeroen van Aalst (Controllux) on the left and Hans Peitsman on the right.

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