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First Day of the BLMC

So far, our first day of the Broadway Lighting Master Classes has been a huge success. Students started off with a two-part session by legendary designer Jules Fisher. With a phenomenal turnout, manufacturers were as busy as ever during the exhibitor showcase at the lunch hour (well, two hours to be exact), showing off their wares before sending students back to our afternoon sessions with Beverly Emmons and Clifton Taylor, followed by the final session of the day with Brian MacDevitt (just nominated for a Tony for his lighting design of The Color Purple). Congrats to Brian, and many thanks to today's speakers.

Moving on, the Live Design staff and the great people from ESTA's The Behind the Scenes Foundation are currently setting up for this evening's festivities. In just a few hours, we'll be kicking off the first ever Live Design honors, which will benefit Behind the Scenes, an organization formed to provide members of the entertainment technology industry with grants for emergency situations, such as serious illness, injury, or death. Thanks to all our friends at ESTA for being a part of our Master Classes.

Tonight, we are also proud to host an evening in honor of the Public Theatre‘s 50th anniversary, paying tribute to “The Design Aesthetic of The Public Theatre‘s Shakespeare in the Park.” Our cocktail reception will be followed by a panel discussion with many of the designers and directors whose work has graced the boards of the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park. We look forward to reporting back on all the festivities.

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