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Final Class Schedule

I registered for classes yesterday, and there were a few changes to my potential schedule from last week. The Vectorworks course that is being offered on Tuesday is a fundamental course about the basics of Vectorworks and Spotlight. I talked my way out of taking that class pretty fast with the professor. I will make it up in the Spring when a more advanced Vectorworks class that focuses on modeling is offered. I also decided to not take the Dance Showings class on Tuesday for credit. I still plan on attending it to so I can design some dance pieces and make some friends with choreographers, but I wanted to keep Tuesday free for the Opera because I had to sign up for another class on Wednesday. Graduate Play Analysis on Wednesday, which is a required course for my degree, but it should be an interesting class and I like that I have Tuesday now to recover from my 12 hours of class on Monday.

Fall 2007 Class Schedule:


Performance by Design M 8:10-12

Techniques of Design M 2:10-4

Graduate Lighting Design I M 4:10-6:30

Advanced Light Lab M 6:30-8:30

Lighting Design Seminar M 8:30-10


Graduate Play Analysis W 9:10-1

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