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Field Template Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Launch of New Template Placemat

Field Template Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Launch of New Template Placemat

fred-steve-at-plasa-2007.jpg Field Template is proud to mark the 20th anniversary of the company. In 1990 Fred Allen and Steve Shelley formed the Field Template partnership to sell Steve's patented template design targeted to the entertainment lighting industry. Since then Shelley has designed over 25 unique templates and Field Template has manufactured and sold over 35,000 units.

In the last twenty years the theatrical industry has embraced Computer-Assisted Drafting (CAD), but they still love plastic with holes. Dealers have many stories about customers, visiting from other countries, buying out their entire Field Template stock to take home. Field Template currently supplies a worldwide dealer network of 142 stores.

In 2003 Field Template released SOFTSYMBOLS, developed by Shelley, to accommodate the world of CAD. To date, this Vectorworks® toolkit has been downloaded by more than 1,000 users in over 20 countries.

Demand for customized templates from the non-theatrical community prompted the launch of the manufacturing website Custom Template shortly thereafter.

Field Template looks forward to expansion and robust growth in its existing and future endeavors for the next twenty years and beyond.

1_2strip_v23_v10-color.jpgAlong with its 20th Anniversary, Field Template is proud to introduce the updated ½" Striplight Placemat. Fresh off the grill, this template sizzles with the latest technology. Along with the latest ETC Source 4 MultiPARs, it's got all the latest LED's: Selador, Color Kinetics, and the Altman Spectra-Cyc. The ½" Placemat also has today's freshest standards; the Aurora, Econo-Cyc, and Sky-Cyc, as well as PAR56, PAR38, R40, and MR16 versions. There are section cutouts for every fixture type, as well as three sets of circuitry symbols, two-fer dots, and a scenery bumper.

This potent parcel of plastic will be available in time for USITT in Kansas City. USITT will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary at its convention from March 31st to April 3rd. Shelley will be signing his new book, A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting, 2nd Edition at USITT on Friday, April 2nd at 11am.

Fred & Steve can be found wandering the aisles of tradeshows (and bars) worldwide in their ubiquitous high-viz green hats and denim jackets. If you see them, stop them for a chat about lighting and life.logo-ft_orange.jpg

Yee-haw Buckaroos!

For more information on Field Template, please go to

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