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Fast, Smooth, Brilliant, Wireless – and Affordable!  Elation Makes LED Moving Head Technology More Accessible With New Design Wash LED Pro

Fast, Smooth, Brilliant, Wireless – and Affordable! Elation Makes LED Moving Head Technology More Accessible With New Design Wash LED Pro

design-wash-led-pro.jpg LOS ANGELES – Elation Professional is bringing the smooth RGB color mixing, fast speed and low maintenance of an LED-powered moving head to more lighting designers and users – even those on slim budgets. The company has introduced the Design Wash LED Pro, a high-output DMX-compatible LED moving head color wash with all the features today's designers are demanding -- including a “street price” of under $3,500!

Although compact and very affordable, the Design Wash LED Pro is incredibly bright, powered by 108 high-output 3-Watt Rebel LEDs (52 red, 22 green, 22 blue and 12 white). Its LEDs can be blended to create a palette of millions of colors through additive RGB mixing using a DMX controller. The addition of white LEDs to the usual RGB mix is an extra-value feature that allows the Design Wash LED Pro to produce more vibrant colors and pastels, and also makes it an ideal fixture for designers who want to create a true white.

Featuring 3 Phase motors, this fully automated moving head can pan at either 630° or 530° and tilt 265°. And with an expansive beam angle of 39.5°, it gives you a wide, even, smooth wash, unlike some LED products that can only muster a narrow beam at 20' applications.

“LED moving heads are starting to have a real impact on our industry -- even smaller lighting users are becoming interested in this technology,” said Eric Loader, director of sales for Elation Professional. “They've seen the amazing advantages that LED-powered moving yoke fixtures offer over conventional discharge units, such as lighter weight, compact size, faster speed, energy efficiency and low maintenance, while delivering extreme brightness and precise RGB+W color control.”

Ideal for theaters, concerts, churches, events, productions, rentals or any interior color washing application, the Design Wash LED Pro has an extremely compact, lightweight design. Thanks in large part to its low weight – just 20.6 lbs. – it can pan and tilt with lightning speed. Its compact size (17.2”''x 13” x 8.6”) also makes it easy to transport and requires less space on the truck.

The Design Wash LED Pro can even go places where DMX cables can't be run, thanks to a built-in Elation EWDMX wireless receiver. It can receive wireless DMX signals up to 3,000 feet sent by Elation's EWDMXT wireless DMX transmitter (sold separately) or from other wireless DMX transmitters made by Wireless Solution Sweden AB.

Thanks to its low-power-drawing LEDs, the Design Wash LED Pro is extremely energy efficient, producing 4,950 lux at 3 meters, while consuming just 360 watts of electricity at full power. It's low on maintenance requirements too – its LEDs are rated at 50,000 hours, which is 13 years at 10-hours-a-day use 7 days a week.

The Design Wash LED Pro operates on 13 DMX channels and includes a digital LCD menu for easy operation. It features fan-cooling with Auto or DMX fan control options, and includes a multi-voltage 98V-240V internal power supply.

The MSRP of the Design Wash LED Pro. Is $4,999.95

For more information, call Elation Professional toll-free at 866-245-6726 or visit

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