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Fashion Art With Robert Juliat

Fashion Art With Robert Juliat

Fashion ArtFashion Art, one of the most prestigious rental companies in Turkey, has turned to Robert Juliat for its lighting solutions. Fashion Art focuses mainly on fashion shows, parties, launches and premiers to which it presents creative light and sound services.

Almost all fashion shows in Turkey are organized by Fashion Art as their quality and experience ensures good references from important choreographers like Uğurkan Erez, Öner Evez, Yasin Soy, Zeynep Arkök; Banu Noyan and İlke Kılıç.

Fashion Art has chosen to use Robert Juliat for its lighting systems when serving these high profile customers in order to present their brands in the best possible light.

Their preferred lighting system is composed of Robert Juliat 329HF 2500W and 310HF 1200W Fresnels plus 614SX 1200W and 613SX 1200W profile spots. These give broad, even coverage, precise control over direction of light and warm tungsten colour temperature that flatters the models' skin tone.

For fashion designers and organizers, Fashion Art is the first choice, carrying Turkey to the centre of the fashion world. Fashion shows from Armani, Zen & Zen, Mudo, Donna Karan, Ariş, Abbate, Sarar, Kığılı are just samples from their references.

“The importance of top quality lighting on events of this calibre should not be underestimated,” says Robert Juliat's Sales Director, Lionel Garraud. “A lot of responsibility rests on showing the work of the designers, choreographers and models to their best advantage. We are very proud that Robert Juliat lighting products have been chosen to perform this task for Fashion Art, as well major for fashion shows in Paris, New York, London, Singapore, Milan and Montreal.”

Competitions such as Best Model of The World, Elite Model Look, Miss Turkey and Miss FTV, are also included in Fashion Art works, plus shopping malls like Astoria, Akmerkez, Metrocity, Migros, Olivyum and international and national fairs.

The enclosed image shows Robert Juliat Fresnels and profiles illuminating the catwalk at the Ritz Carlton Hotel for the Bahar Korcan Fashion Show at The Marmara Foundation's gala diner during the 13th Eurasian Economic Summit.

The Robert Juliat fixtures were supplied to Fashion Art by RJ's Turkish distributor, Elit Light & Sound Technologies.

More information on Robert Juliat Fresnels, Profiles and other lighting products can be found at

Further details about Elit Light & Sound Technologies can be found at

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