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Falcon™ Illuminates Atlanta Skyline

Falcon™ Illuminates Atlanta Skyline

On a clear night, the Sovereign Tower in north Atlanta shines brightly in the sky, visible from up to 30 miles away. To achieve such a level of illumination for this luxury office/residential complex (the tallest building constructed in Atlanta in twenty years), CD+M Lighting Design Group chose six Falcon Static Arc 3k xenon fixtures by Alpha One.

CD+M Principal Ted Ferreira and Associate Principal Hilary Wainer shepherded the project for Regent Partners and architect SRSS for over three years. Their work included lighting the building facade, interior lobbies, private resident's club and surrounding grounds. “Our criteria for selecting Falcons to light the façade was two-fold,” explains Ted Ferreira. “First, they had to be rated for exterior, long-term use in all weather conditions. Second, we needed a lot of light. Not many products in North America meet both those requirements.”

Illuminating the tower exterior without disturbing the residents posed another challenge. Ferreira adds, “The client tested sky trackers to accentuate the building for a special event and immediately liked the effect. Careful positioning of the Falcons on custom, angled poles by Valmont achieved the desired effect without beaming light into residents' windows. Metal fins built into the facade system between each floor catch the light perfectly.”

Said Chris Curran, TMB's Architectural Sales Director, “Developed from Alpha One's experience in lighting the world's largest events, Falcon Arc fixtures represent a real breakthrough in exterior structural illumination. This range of high-tech fixtures from Germany offers both unprecedented light levels and reliability in all weathers. No other fixtures come close.”

CD+M has six locations worldwide and blends theatrical lighting expertise, energy-efficient architectural lighting techniques and years of construction experience to provide clients with exciting high-quality design. Find out more about CD+M at TMB is the worldwide distributor for Falcon and other Alpha One products: Tower Facade.

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