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Experiencing Robson Square


Robson Square in Vancouver is the site of Ingite the Dream, the lighting and effects show that takes place nightly during the Winter Olympics. But it's also part of the larger "Experience Robson Square" setup that keeps the park lit during the Games. Here's some footage of what the Square looks like off show times, with park lighting from Epic Production Technologies.

The area includes a covered ice skating rink (under the blue dome) and spans approximately two blocks. Video is also projected on the wall of the Sears building across the street as performances and presentations occur (here, some entertainment accompanies the official opening of "Experience Robson Square" on Wednesday night. Oh, and for the Olympics, there's a zipline running over the entire square and open to the public for rides. Stay tuned for more on all of the setup here later, including specific interviews on Ingite the Dream lighting and effects.

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