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Eurolite and Futurelight Ship First Chip On Board (COB) LED To US

German Entertainment Giants Eurolite and Futurelight Ship First Chip On Board (COB) LED Lighting Technology To US Shores

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida - After months of anticipation, the first of 50+ new lighting products featuring brand-new Chip On Board LED technology have arrived in the US, courtesy of the German brands Eurolite and Futurelight. These new products showcase an amazing new advancement - referred to as COB - that promises to fundamentally change the way LED lighting will be used by the entertainment industry.

Craig Singer, President of Inner Circle Distribution (ICD), is thrilled with the initial reaction of his customers to these products. His firm, Inner Circle Distribution (ICD), handles distribution exclusively here and throughout the Americas, and he couldn't be more enthused. "These products have really changed the LED lighting game," Singer says. "COB is going to transform how LEDs are used, how they develop, and ultimately how they are perceived by the industry."

Described as resembling a cheese cracker, the COB LED is nonetheless a big step forward in LED performance. Its unique design provides a uniform light area with no single points of light visible, output ability previously unheard of in LEDs, and better heat dissipation, making COB perfect for the exacting requirements of professional lighting designers.

"These COB fixtures are unlike anything this industry has seen," says Bruce Bandy, Director of Sales for ICD. "We were first introduced to the technology at Pro Light and Sound in Frankfurt earlier this year, and we've been chomping at the bit ever since. I can't tell you how excited we are to bring these great products to our customers for the first time."

So what makes the EUROLITE COB LED so special? The reason lies within the design of the chip itself. Numerous single LEDs are mounted extremely close together on each chip, the closeness of the elements gives the impression of a single light source.

ET Entertainment News had this to say: ”colors....are so deep and homogenous that comparisons with MSD lamps and such do not pose any problems at all. A fact that has not been true for LEDs until now." In contrast to common LED spots with tricolor and quad color diodes, with COB there are no apparent single color points or color shades. COB LEDs allow simplified control of LED arrays or LED clusters. COB light sources can produce 100 lumens per watt or more. Their high energy efficiency and their harmonic, even light emission spectrum make them ideal for professional use.

German Trade Journal Sound Check, had raves for the new COB Technology in their July edition: “The color mixing of the Eurolite COB spots is spectacular....color shades are finally a thing of the past. All of the colors are extremely convincing [including] orange, pastels and white.” The tester also had warm words for the practical features and handling of the multi spots. The COB audience blinder even qualified as “a sensation.” The Eurolite LED PMC-16x30W COB RGB was singled out as the magazine's “favorite,” due in part to the sheer LED power of 480 watts, or as they put it, “Pure power to also blind on huge stages.” They also praised the product's flexibility: “With this unit you'll get a blinder, a matrix effect and a powerful spot for color mood setting – everything in one housing.”

The testing and refining of this technology has been pioneered by Steinigke Showtechnic of Germany. With this launch in the US and the Americas, Eurolite and Futurelight now pave the way for its widespread use in show technology, with over fifty products on offer in their COB lighting portfolio.

Contact Inner Circle Distribution for more information on COB LED Technology:

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