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Euro-Crate - A new concept in transit solutions from 5 Star Cases

Euro-Crate - A new concept in transit solutions from 5 Star Cases


Euro-Crate is 5 Star Cases' new solution to transporting irregular shaped items safely and securely.

The concept is simple - the item requiring transportation in placed in the centre of the Euro-Crate base section, and then ratchet strapped to the inbuilt, aircraft grade alloy tie-down points. The required number of intermediate sections are placed on top to ensure the item is solidly packed before the lid is fastened on top.

"We spotted a gap in the market," explains 5 Star's Head of Technical Design, Simon Edwards. "All manner of odd shaped and non-standard objects need transporting constantly, and this is a highly efficient, tough and cost-effective answer that's extremely quick and easy to pack".

Based around 5 Star's Tour Grade specifications, ‘Euro-Crate' has all the quality elements for which the brand is renowned and is built for long term durability from the best materials.

The 12 mm birch ply carcass features a high pressure laminate (HPL) exterior finish, combined with a 30 mm aluminium angle to all the leading edges, ensuring maximum strength.

The fully adjustable tie-down tracks are secured to a shock-absorbing sub-base panel, mounted on 5 rubber dampers offering additional 'ride' protection for the item in transit. Zinc plated or black powder coated hardware is used throughout the construction, and complimented by recessed handles and over-latch butterfly catches. The hybrid valance between the mating sections also ensures a dust-free seal when in transit.

Intermediate 200 mm high case sections are then inserted to build up to the desired height to fit the equipment being transported into the case.

Whilst the ‘Euro-Crate 600' is a standard design, bespoke sizes and options can easily be produced.

All industry sectors will find numerous uses for ‘the Euro-Crate', in particular, engineering, aerospace and the military can benefit from this type of reusable case solution.

The same applies to all areas of entertainment, the Euro-Crate will be particularly useful for those working in sports, photography, film and theatre productions, and ideal for casing props and stage set elements.

Previewed and launched at the Farnborough International Airshow this summer, ‘Euro-Crate' is now in full production and available as one of 5 Star's extensive and diverse range of standard products.

For more press info on 5 Star Cases, please call Louise Stickland on +44 (0)1865 202679 or +44 (0)7831 329888 or Email ‘[email protected]'. Contact 5 Star direct on +44 (0)1945 427000 or check

Pictured – 5 Star's Head of Technical Design, Simon Edwards, with the new ‘Euro-Crate'

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