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ETC's new Paradigm 18” Touchscreen: The ‘big picture' of lighting control

ETC's new Paradigm 18” Touchscreen: The ‘big picture' of lighting control

The latest addition to ETC's Unison® architectural-lighting control line is the new 18” Touchscreen, for Paradigm® systems that utilize the Paradigm Central Control Serverâ„¢. This high-resolution LCD interface allows users to have the types of graphical controls and information displays they need for managing their large lighting systems – at the tap of a finger. The Touchscreen is a command center that gives users a big-picture view of their lighting operations.

ETC Paradigm 18″ touchscreenThe Touchscreen leverages the ‘Virtual Touchscreen' capabilities specific to ETC's new Paradigm Central Control Server, making it possible for users to map out their complex lighting and building-control systems, view controls, move through layers, and drill down through system details. Supported by Paradigm ControlDesigner™ software, users can customize the Touchscreen to display stylized buttons, faders, clocks, pop-ups, animations and graphics, including maps. The touch-sensitive panels provide audible and visual feedback that tells users their commands are fully accepted.

The Touchscreen is ideal for large multi-room facilities or multi-venue systems with many levels of control information but is also good for any size installation that needs to display system information in one area, on a large central interface. It also serves well as part of a stage-manager's panel.

To use the 18” Touchscreen, users must upgrade to Unison Paradigm Central Control Server. As a dedicated control interface, the Touchscreen immediately accesses the Paradigm Central Control Server environment – instantly displaying the users' lighting controls.

This elegant Touchscreen comes with a convenient tabletop stand or it can be surface-mounted or rack-mounted via optional accessory kits.

For more information about the Unison Paradigm Touchscreen and other ETC products:

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