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ETC shows new architectural-lighting control solutions at LightFair 2012

ETC shows new architectural-lighting control solutions at LightFair 2012

ETC has expanded its architectural-lighting and building-control offerings further with the introduction of their Unison Paradigm Central Control Server and the Aero controls family, on display at LightFair 2012.

The new Paradigm Central Control Server scales up ETC's existing Paradigm® systems to master the most complex lighting venues. By integrating a native BACnet® communication system and incorporating large viewing devices like the new Paradigm 18” Touchscreen, the Central Control Server is the solution for comprehensive building-wide control. Developed with the credo that ‘the best control system thinks globally and acts locally' – Paradigm Central Control Server allows internal subsystems to act independently, at the granular level, while one command-center monitors everything.

ETC Paradigm Central Control ServerWith the new Central Control Server, multiple Paradigm systems can be programmed independently and consolidated into a single system. This provides essential systems-management for multi-facility venues like hotel and resort venues, museum complexes, office towers, house-of-worship centers, cruise ships, and theme parks – wherever lighting operations need to subdivide from extensive facility-wide control down to even one preset lighting scene.

Designed to interface with the gold-standard of building-systems protocol, ASHRAE's BACnet IP, Paradigm Central Control Server synchronizes and connects separate systems. Not merely triggered by BACnet, as other-brand lighting-control systems may be, Paradigm Central Control Server bi-directionally listens, registers, and replies to event-scheduling, ensuring the system runs its events even if connection to BACnet is lost.

Paradigm Central Control Server's large-format touchscreen integration puts customized control at the fingertips. Configured via ETC's new LightDesignerâ„¢ and ControlDesignerâ„¢ 2.0 software, interfaces are designed to the desire of the end user. Again, used locally as a single system station or globally by a facilities manager at the helm of central control, Paradigm Touchscreens allow multiple venues to be configured separately or at a single large-format screen or computer.

At the other end of the spectrum are ETC's Unison Aero intelligent building controls for new or existing commercial spaces. State of the art, Aero devices rethink wall-switch functionality – ingeniously reducing electricity costs and resources, while helping to take buildings up to code for energy and safety regulations. The stations are Powered by Youâ„¢, a patented system that harvests the energy created when a person turns the switch on and off. No electrical energy or batteries are required; Aero controls are completely wireless, so they can be placed anywhere a light switch is needed. ETC Aero control products

Aero products also feature sensors for daylight harvesting and occupancy/vacancy detection for even smarter energy use. Most of the sensors are Powered by Lightâ„¢, using light-gathering photo panels that can store a charge for days.

With controllers compact enough to fit inside junction boxes or fixtures themselves, Aero power controls can be used to create distinct lighting levels or give dimming and automatic on/off capabilities to individual rooms. Aero power controls can even manage groups of lighting fixtures separately.

Aero products make it easy to transition a venue to the new style of lighting control – with no installation downtime and no business interruption because they do not require infrastructural changes or wiring. Aero products auto-configure to perform expected lighting control functions when only basic components are installed.

Truly scalable, Aero systems provide universal ‘one-light, one-switch' control. They can provide direct control of DMX-based lights and dimmers using specialty controllers. They can also be seamlessly integrated with other Unison-family systems.

For more information on the new Paradigm Central Control Server and Aero products, as well as other ETC products and systems, and to locate an ETC dealer, go to

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