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ESTA's Rock Our World Awards Selects Aqua Visual FX:

ESTA's Rock Our World Awards Selects Aqua Visual FX:


LAS VEGAS - Pyrotek Special Effects was honored to accept one of three ESTA's New Rock Our World Awards for the development of one of their latest products, Aqua Visual FX. The Annual Dinner & Awards Ceremony was held at LDI 2008. With over 30 nominations, the screening panel narrowed the field to nine finalists that were presented to a panel of top-notch judges to select the winners. The basis for the awards is to highlight technical inspiration that drives our industry forward, allowing designers to create richer, more exciting experiences for their audiences. With a focus on honoring those achievements that demonstrate truly innovative product design, remarkable product applications and the realization of breathtaking projects, Aqua Visual FX created a remarkable presence at this year's LDI show held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Given the many strong products and talented competition in the market today, President of Pyrotek Special Effects FX, Doug Adams, was surprised by the award handed out at the Las Vegas Convention Center. “We are truly honored and grateful”, he said afterwards.

Aqua Visual FX is a new method of creating a "waterfall billboard" through user- friendly software and design capabilities. This innovation has the ability to exhibit custom-animated graphics, shapes and text images through a programmed sequence of water droplets. Aqua Visual FX adds a new dynamic interior look which stops people dead in their track. It can be utilized as a branding mechanism while displaying logos and text out of water droplets.

It's something not too many people have seen before, commented Jim Schorer (Director of Marketing). “We've developed a product that is designed for installs, touring and ideal for any event application. When people see it first hand and ask “what is that?” and you explain water, they are astonished. You know right then and there you've created something marvelous”. Many production managers and designers are not fond of water on their stage. However, this product has given them new light. This year, Aqua Visual FX has been used for acts such as Chris Brown (BET Awards), Taylor Swift (American Country Music Awards), The Latin Billboard Awards, a handful of casino and corporate events as well as in Never Forget, a Theatrical Broadway show held in London's Savoy Theatre.

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For further information contact: Jim Schorer Marketing Manager

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