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ER Productions goes wireless with LumenRadio™

ER Productions goes wireless with LumenRadio™

big-white-2s.jpg big-white-1s.jpg big-diff-1s.jpg fx1_top-lighter.jpg lumenradiologo-rgb-whitebg.jpgER Productions of London had been looking for a wireless control solution for years. Finally, after a demonstration from TMB of LumenRadio's wireless DMX system, they realized their search was over!

As a laser production company, ER relies heavily on atmospheric products being in the right place at the right time, and always on cue. This is especially true at Festivals, where, given the unpredictable conditions, it is essential to tick all the boxes and prepare for every eventuality. In the past this meant spending many hours of precious load-in time running looms to smoke machine positions all over fields, tents, and staging areas.

Wireless control allows the installer to send cues to delay tower positions or other areas, saving valuable time. Wireless is also more reliable than cables, which can be cut or damaged.

ER Productions have found LumenRadio systems to be extremely easy to use and 100% reliable. “To say we love the LumenRadio wireless DMX is an understatement,” says Ryan Hagen, Managing Director of ER. “It's fantastic in every way possible. The small robust design is perfect for touring, allows for easy and creative set up, and at the push of a button your system links and is ready to use. Simplicity at its best!”

ER's LumenRadio systems were used for the Main Stage at BIGCHILL, for Chris Cunningham LIVE, 4MUSIC stage at V Festival, Stratford and Chelmsford, and Main Stage Reading and Leeds for MUSE.

Ryan adds, “With huge amounts of people in such small areas, we were very worried at first about line of sight. But with LumenRadio – no worries! The transmitter was placed FOH and the receivers dotted about all over the place; behind Arris fencing, within delay tower positions, and even in concession areas. Not once did we experience any problems nor did it fail at any point. I wish we could have had this system long ago.

“With the confidence we have in the LumenRadio wireless we will now be using it on our arena tours, allowing even greater creativity with smoke positions – ultimately making our shows better, and easier to set up than ever.”

Find out more about ER Productions at TMB is exclusive distributor for LumenRadio in the UK and North America. For more information about LumenRadio visit Learn about other innovative products from TMB at

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