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Enttec's Master Classes Wrap Up

Jeremy Kumin of Enttec was one of the numerous representatives of the corporate sponsors at the 2009 Live Design Broadway Master Classes, held at NYU in New York City. His wrap-up can be found in the May issue of Enttec's newsletter.

Also a big fan of Live Design's Projection Master Classes at LDI, Kumin said the following about the 2008 PMC in Las Vegas:

"One of the highlights for Enttec at the 2008 LDI show was the Projection Master Class which we co-sponsored. This 2½ day workshop was a remarkable opportunity for us to wave the Enttec flag and to communicate about our products with about 80 or 90 very savvy and enthusiastic participants. They were made up of scenery, lighting and projection designers, as well as producers and technical directors, and programmers who worked in the "Convergence" area in between video and lighting as well.

"We felt we were in the right place at the right time, over and over again, because moderator Bob Bunniol and other panelists made repeated comments about techniques, approaches, and software packages, some inexpensive and lower-tech, some quite cutting edge, which involved our products too, directly or indirectly. For example, they mentioned Arkaos, Max/MSP, and Resolume, and it was fortuitously pointed out that all three support our DMX USB Pro. Another time they talked about boards like the Chamsys MagicQ or the GrandMA which use Art-Net in ways our Datagate and Playback Wing can really enhance. Green Hippo and Coolux were full-featured and commercially prominent who presented their products, and while they don't have Enttec connections that are prominent yet, the master class gave us a forum to talk with their respective people about promising directions for the future.

"We even got a mention by new technology guru Joshua Fleitell who made a guest panel appearance via skype video conferencing technology. He was in tech at the Broadway Theater where Shrek the Musical is being groomed, but took time out to tell the group about his adventures in making an LED suit to wear at Burning Man, and the role that some Enttec gear played in that process was tossed out just as a casual comment."

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