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ENTTEC Releases Novel Lighting Control Application D-PRO

Easy to Use, D-PRO Allows Control for Up to 8 Universes of DMX512 Data

Melbourne – ENTTEC Pty Ltd's new software-based lighting controller D-PRO debuted at LDI 2011 in October, impressing attendees with its fresh approach, usability and price point of $299 for eight universes of DMX output for a limited time! Now, it's shipping.

D-PRO, a short way of saying DMXIS-PRO, was born out of the successful collaboration between ENTTEC and db Audioware on DMXIS, the 2009 ESTA Rock Our World Award-winning lighting control product. D-PRO is comparably easy to use, but it also contains the features that lighting professionals demand from their day-to-day tool kits.

A version of D-PRO is immediately available for the Datagate MK2 — ENTTEC's powerful, simplified Ethernet-DMX networking tool — and soon on a new standalone USB-based product.

The D-PRO software has an intuitive graphical user interface that transforms your computer into a lighting console with the use of a mouse, in command-line mode or with a touch screen. Using an app like iDisplay, D-PRO's Show Control window can run on an iPad.

It supports virtually unlimited cues, palettes and groups, a multi-layered cuelist playback engine, scripting and effects. D-PRO works natively in both Mac and Windows environments and has some novel features, including a Device Browser that creates live visual feedback with renderings of beams to show dimmers, color values and mover positions. The audio track on a timeline allows users to drag and drop audio files for synchronized audio playback alongside the cuelist.

LDI attendees also liked the unique operation of the Programmer that sorts changes in chronological order instead of organizing it plot-wise. The Python-based effects engine enables the Programmer to be easily extended with new functions too. D-PRO also has a central online database of fixture profiles that allows users to create and share profiles.

D-PRO will support all manner of different ENTTEC hardware for input and output, be they wings, DMX to USB nodes, or devices such as the ODE and the Datagate MK2, which use Art-Net.

See a short video demonstration of D-PRO at

About ENTTEC Pty Ltd and ENTTEC Americas, LLC

ENTTEC Pty Ltd was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 1999 and has earned a reputation for designing and manufacturing innovative lighting control products that are both affordable and compatible with other systems. Since then, ENTTEC has created nearly 100 products, including the popular DMX USB Pro, groundbreaking RDM tools and DMXIS, winner of a 2009 Rock Our World Award. In 2009 ENTTEC introduced a creative line of LED lighting products and the sophisticated control systems to harness them. From LED strips and round fittings for indoor applications, to industrial-strength light bars for outdoor applications, ENTTEC has mastered both brightness and energy efficiency in this emerging market.

Due to the popularity of ENTTEC's products and in keeping with its policy of rapid customer service, ENTTEC opened an assembly and warehousing facility in Hillsborough, N.C. in 2010. ENTTEC Americas, LLC imports and distributes all ENTTEC products to the North American market.

For more information, go to or, or contact Jeremy Kumin, general manager of ENTTEC Americas, LLC at [email protected] or (888) 454-5922 (U.S. voice and fax).


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