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ENTTEC Launches Web site for Innovative Line of LED Products:

New Smart LED Light Bars Designed for Entertainment, Industrial Uses

Melbourne – ENTTEC Pty Ltd launched a new Web site this month — — to showcase its LED lighting solutions, including its Aleph 2 High Power Smart LED Bar. The Aleph 2 light bars have very high light output and size density compared to most competing products that are often twice the size and much heavier.

What also makes ENTTEC's light bars unique are their smooth dimming features and color temperature adjustability. The Aleph 2 has advanced color-mixing options with up to six LEDs (Red, Green, Blue, and Warm, Cool, or High CRI White), and various combinations of the same.

"The Aleph 2 can mix 6 LEDs per light engine. This means the designer can achieve the vibrant colors wanted or the softest whites needed for TV and film,” explains Nicolas Moreau, ENTTEC Pty Ltd's founder and managing director. “Combined with the E-DIM smooth dimming technology, adjusting very low levels is not an issue anymore."

Making the Aleph 2 even more adjustable, various lenses can be used with the different color options. Lenses can be 10°, 20°, 40°, 60° and 120°, or the vertical spread favoring wall wash type, measuring 35° x 60°.

ENTTEC has been working as an OEM in LED products for some years now. The Australian company has been a leader in lighting control technology for the past decade and has used its expertise to create smart energy efficient LED sources and the sophisticated control systems to harness them.

There are three versions of the Aleph 2: the indoor, ruggedized, or outdoor LED light bar. All Aleph 2 light bars come in two sizes (300 mm and 600 mm) and two power ratings (High Power and Junior). ENTTEC used CREE LEDs to guarantee the longest life and highest light quality.

The default Aleph 2 light bar is the indoor version, which can be pipe, ground, wall or ceiling mounted. For the entertainment industry, the light bar is suitable for lighting large backdrops, or as a color wash.

The Ruggedized Aleph 2 light bar was conceived as a workhorse fixture perfect for the mining industry, or applied to industrial machinery, trucks and high-bay warehousing. ENTTEC added “body armor” and vibration resistant chassis reinforcement bars to the Ruggedized light bar and conducted extensive modal analysis to guarantee life in the harshest environments.

The Aleph 2 Outdoor light bar, with an IP rating of 67, is suitable for many applications, from landscape lighting to washing the side of a building or illuminating a parking lot.

Aleph 1 Series LED Strip

The Web site also features the Aleph 1 Series LED strip, a medium power, aluminum-backed, rigid LED strip for indoor applications, like cove lighting, under cabinet lighting, signage and translucent diffusers, product displays and dashboard light.

Aleph 1 Series LED Round

Two more LED products that will be ready to ship later this fall are displayed on the Web site. ENTTEC designed the Aleph 1 Series LED Round fitting to bring flexibility, energy efficiency and aesthetic beauty to a form factor similar to traditional MR16 bulbs. The LED Round 18C has built in heat management features and mechanical connection options to support a range of different mountings and diffusers.

Aleph 3 Series LED Panels

The upcoming Aleph 3 Series LED panels — in 1'x4' and 2'x2 tile arrangements — are for indoor commercial applications, especially suitable for drop ceiling retrofit or new construction. ENTTEC integrates control into the Aleph 3 LED lighting system; allowing dimming options, color temperature adjustment, and even RGB color mixing. Instead of using just wall switches, the Aleph 3 can be controlled by Wi-Fi, a custom touch screen wall controller, or an automatic daylight harvesting system.

And, of course, ENTTEC's Web site has the lighting control technology equipment needed to run all of the new LED products. Every single fixture in the Aleph line is controllable with DMX512, either inherently or when plugged into a properly configured power supply or LED driver. There is an app for iPhone control capability too. ENTTEC's gear is also compliant with the Remote Device Management (RDM) standard, an extension of DMX512 which lets you adjust configurations, starting address and sometimes even perform monitoring of on-board feedback sensors remotely.

ENTTEC's new LED products will be shown on the trade show floor at LDI 2011.

The Aleph Series is on display in the showrooms of its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, and at its North American office and factory ENTTEC Americas, LLC in Hillsborough, N.C. By appointment, customers are welcome to visit and receive demonstrations and training at either location.

About ENTTEC Pty Ltd and ENTTEC Americas, LLC

ENTTEC Pty Ltd was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 1999 and has earned a reputation for designing and manufacturing innovative lighting control products that are both affordable and compatible with other systems. Since then, ENTTEC has created nearly 100 products, including the popular DMX USB Pro, groundbreaking RDM tools and DMXIS, winner of a 2009 Rock Our World Award. In 2009 ENTTEC introduced a creative line of LED lighting products and the sophisticated control systems to harness them. From LED strips and round fittings for indoor applications, to industrial-strength “light bars” for outdoor applications, ENTTEC has mastered both brightness and energy efficiency in this emerging market.

Due to the popularity of ENTTEC's products and in keeping with its policy of rapid customer service, ENTTEC opened an assembly and warehousing facility in Hillsborough, N.C. in 2010. ENTTEC Americas, LLC imports and distributes all ENTTEC products to the North American market.

For more information, go to or contact Jeremy Kumin, general manager of ENTTEC Americas, LLC, at [email protected] or (888) 454-5922 (U.S. voice and fax).


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