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ENTTEC Launches Datagate Mk2: A Powerful, Simplified Ethernet-DMX Networking Tool

ENTTEC Launches Datagate Mk2: A Powerful, Simplified Ethernet-DMX Networking Tool

Melbourne – After more than two years in development, ENTTEC Pty Ltd has innovated its signature DMX networking tool, the Datagate, by adding a Web-based, user-friendly graphical interface, Gigabit-speed Jumbo Frames, Remote Device Management (RDM) on-demand, and more. The newly released Datagate Mk2 is the most powerful Ethernet-DMX node on the market!

A leader in lighting control technology, ENTTEC created the Datagate Mk2 to improve the Datagate's existing functionality as a hub/splitter, merger, and Ethernet-to-DMX gateway, and expand its capabilities.

Datagate Mk2 Uses Innovative Graphical Frontend

A key upgrade to the original Datagate is that the configuration is all performed via Web browser. A utility no longer needs to be downloaded to a computer. Instead, users set their browsers to the Datagate Mk2's Web address, and there they will find a unique graphical interface that's as easy to use as dragging and dropping. The simplified display screen allows users to create a flow chart easily and then the Datagate Mk2 will perform what is drawn. This enhancement not only eliminates steps, but makes the whole process easier to understand and manage.

Leading the way in advancing the technology supporting Ethernet to DMX conversion, the Datagate Mk2 introduces Jumbo Frames — a speedy, powerful innovation that takes advantage of the Gigabit Ethernet architecture on which the new Datagate is built.

“As compared to a conventional Art-Net frame, Jumbo Frames have eight times more payload in each one. Plus, they are synchronized,” explains Nicolas Moreau, ENTTEC Pty Ltd's founder and managing director. “We are seeing increases in throughput on a Gigabit network of 2 ½ times!”

With Jumbo Frames, latency is decreased dramatically by sending out much more data in the same number of network packets. (Calculations are handled by a 500Mhz CPU running a Linux 2.6 Kernel.) In terms of capabilities, the Datagate Mk2 has Ethernet to DMX conversion for Art-Net, KiNet, and ESP automatically.

The new Datagate Mk2 has a completely redesigned chassis, with a more flexible display and menu choices at the front. All connections are at the back, including eight DMX ports and an Ethernet port.

Building on the successful way that the original Datagate employed add-on licenses for increased functionality, the Datagate Mk2 features a host of options that can be field-upgraded to give it both an affordable base price and a large variety of impressive capabilities for advanced users.

When creating a network with a Datagate Mk2, the user will have built-in the ability to work with RDM fixtures later when needed, just by upgrading software capability. This leading-edge technology allows the same hardware used for the DMX-Ethernet gateway to do the RDM discovery, addressing, and monitoring. It also reports venue information over long distances directly to a laptop or iPhone. The Datagate Mk2 seamlessly monitors RDM sensors while transmitting eight universes of DMX at maximum speed.

Other options include:

• The Stream Auditor, a network management at-a-glance tool;

• Hot Spare, when enabled, swaps out and migrates settings in reduced time;

• The Realtime Clock, for users who want processes to happen on a daily or weekly schedule, such as e-mailing them updates of RDM sensor information.

The new Datagate will be shown this month at LDI 2010 during the Projection Master Class and on the tradeshow floor at booth 215.

The Datagate Mk2 is on display in the showrooms of its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, and at its new North American office and factory ENTTEC Americas, LLC — which opened outside Durham, N.C. in August. By appointment, customers are welcome to visit and receive demonstrations and training at either location.

About ENTTEC Pty Ltd and ENTTEC Americas, LLC

ENTTEC Pty Ltd of Melbourne, Australia designs and manufactures innovative lighting control systems for entertainment and other specialty applications. While budget friendly, ENTTEC is committed to delivering quality lighting products and a high level of support and service to loyal customers all over the world. Their range of nearly 100 products includes the popular DMX USB PRO, groundbreaking RDM tools, and DMXIS (a 2009 Rock Our World Award winner). In 2009 ENTTEC introduced a creative line of LED lighting solutions. ENTTEC Americas, LLC, based in Hillsborough, N.C., imports and distributes all ENTTEC products to the North American market.

For more information, go to or contact Jeremy Kumin, general manager of ENTTEC Americas, LLC, at [email protected] or (888) 454-5922 (U.S. voice and fax).

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