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Element Labs Open House In NY

Editorial coordinator Lisa Murphy and I popped downtown to the lower end of Broadway to an open house Wednesday being held all week by Element Labs, Inc in partnership with Niles Creative Group at Niles' studio (it's actually a full-service HDTV creative, production, and post-production facility). They've also been holding private appointments all week.

Emmora Irwin of Niles Creative gave us a tour of the facility, which is fairly new (it opened approximately eight months ago). John Lobel, North American sales director entertainment and Steve Simard, North American sales director architectural, were both on hand for Element Labs, and we had a sneak peek of a future architectural project that Niles and Element Labs are developing for sometime in the next 18 months or so.

Another interesting discussion centered around the tendency for younger (or maybe just newer) architects to embrace the integration of architainment-related technology (think LED walls, projection systems, color washes) into their buildings more and more these days. And their clients seem to demand it more also.

Niles is the creative mind behind the Comcast Experience, and we were treated to a viewing of his holiday show for that install, which you may have read about here.

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