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Elektralite New ElektraLED Pro Line

Elektralite New ElektraLED Pro Line

elektraled_logo_blck_sq.jpgElektralite is pleased to introduce its new line of professional LED lighting products under the ElektraLED umbrella. Taking great care to manufacture reliable and safe products, Elektralite listened to its pro users to conceive of and create this line of unique LED fixtures, which offers more watts per LED (a whopping 10), more features per fixture, plus the warmest whites available in any LED fixture on the market.

elektralite-elektraled-ml601.jpgElektraLED ML601 - A small but powerful moving yoke fixture!

The ElektraLED ML601 uses the VSLED 90 LED set at 60 watts of output—without compromising either the heat management or power conservation, which is so critical with LED fixtures. Good heat management is also critical to reliability and longevity of the ElektraLED ML601. Three fans direct airflow away from the gobos and color wheel so dust accumulation is kept to a minimum, and cool air is provided to the LED heat sink. Comparable to a 250-discharge fixture, the ML601 has a color wheel with 9 colors plus white, including a UV/congo blue. Half colors and color wheel rotation are standard features. A gobo wheel with 8 rotating interchangeable gobos is available. Rotation can be in either direction and focusing is adjustable via a motorized bi-convex lens. An additional 4 spare gobos are provided with the fixture. There is also a rotating prism, which gives depth and extra effects capability to the gobos. Pan is selectable at either 630 or 540 degrees. Tilt is 265 degrees. Dimming and strobe function round out the feature package which control of the functions is via DMX-512, though onboard automatic programs are available too. The ElektraLED ML601 has an operating voltage range from 100 volts to 240 volts.

elektralite-elektraled-pancake.jpgElektraLED Pancake - Moving yoke fixture is brighter than any other product in its class, bar none!

The ElektraLED Pancake comes in two versions; a 72 x 3 watt TriColor and a blinding 108 x 3 watt RGBW version. The LEDs produce perfectly blended color mixing and lack the usual spots of color, which is seen so often in other LED wash fixtures. The ElektraLED Pancake's white LEDS are color-corrected as well, so as not leave a cold blue hue, which is often seen with white LEDs. The output levels of the ElektraLED Pancake has to be seen to be believed—without compromising either heat management or power conservation both of which are so critical with LED fixtures. The ElektraLED Pancake has powerCon connectors both IN and OUT to allow quick interconnection. 7 ElektraLED Pancakes can be connected in one 20 amp, 120-volt "daisy chained" circuit, saving both time and money in setup. Pan is changeable from 630 to 540 degrees while tilt is 265 degrees. Both have 16-bit precision. The ElektraLED Pancake's beam angle is 30 degrees but interchangeable lens kits are available from 8 to 60 degrees, making the ElektraLED Pancake even more versatile. The ElektraLED Pancake is controlled via DMX-512 but it can be set to run automatically, so no need for controller and signal cables. Operating voltages for the ElektraLED Pancake is from 100 to 240 volts.

ElektraLED Dazer elektralite-elektraled-dazer.jpg- Takes lighting to the higher level!

The ElektraLED Dazer is twice as powerful as competition and its power comes from 36 x 5 watt LEDs. The output levels of the ElektraLED Dazer must be seen to be believed! Comparable in output to traditional theatrical fixtures, however, the output does not compromise either heat management or power conservation, which are so critical with LED fixtures. Elektralite has always placed reliability and longevity at the top of the design criterion for all products. The ElektraLED Dazer is available in a variety of beam angles and choice of LEDs. An RGB model has a balanced arrangement of LEDs that produce saturated colors and yet still give a white without the cold blue, so often associated with LEDs. A "warm white" model and a "cool white" model are also available. The ElektraLED Dazer has an operating voltage range from 100 to 240 volts. Control is via DMX-512 but the ElektraLED Dazer can also be set to run automatically, so no need for controller and signal cables. The ElektraLED Dazer is the PAR64 replacement.

elektralite-elektraled-1018.jpgElektraLED 1018 - Uses 18 quad 10 watt LEDs!

Quad LEDs have each of the RGB color components built into one device but then a white LED is added to complement the RGB LEDs. The white is perfectly balanced so as not to give that blue-white color so often seen in other fixtures. The ElektraLED 1018 also uses diffraction lenses, which allow the colors to mix perfectly. So when mixing red and blue for example, the colors are blended to achieve a perfect color mix; rather than the red and blue rings or spots, so noticeable with other fixtures. The ElektraLED 1018 output is punchy enough to make a stage light up even in the most saturated of colors. The ElektraLED 1018 beam angle of 30 degrees allows for even and saturated projection on a cyc or wall wash. The quad LED has the added advantage of no rainbow color stripes that are always noticeable when an RGB or any individual led device is used to light a cyc or similar background. A gel frame holder is also included for custom gel/color correction. The ElektraLED 1018 is controlled via DMX-512 or can also be set to run automatically, so no need for controller and signal cables. Input voltage range for the ElektraLED 1018 is between 100 volts to 240 volts. A double yoke allows for floor mount or hanging of the ElektraLED 1018.

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