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Electric Aura Lights Up Vancouver's Robson Square

Electric Aura Lights Up Vancouver's Robson Square

[caption id="attachment_130" align="alignleft" width="314" caption="A rendering of Robson Square"]A rendering of Robson Square[/caption]

“The Olympics are very exciting for us, and a culmination of everything we have been doing” says Robert Sondergaard of Electric Aura Projects, a Vancouver-based lighting design firm. They are involved in five distinct aspects of the Winter Games, the first of which is “Experience BC at Robson Square,” a showcase for the Province of British Columbia, which takes place in downtown Vancouver. Christie Lites and Epic Production Technologies provided lighting gear for Robson Square, which will also serve as a visual background for the media broadcast from downtown Vancouver.

“There will be events in Robson Square all day, with street performers and a zip line that runs a full city block, as well as four stages, one with full lights and sound and three smaller ones for the street acts,” explains Sondergaard, who is designing the lighting for “Ignite The Dream,” an evening extravaganza complete with live performers, pyro and lasers that premieres on February 10. “We have Syncrolites all over the site, on tops of buildings, and DMX-controlled Isopar flame heads,” he adds. "This show runs nightly at 9:30 p.m. and 11 p.m.

and will utilize all of the infrastructure on the site. We have our WYSIWYG suite setup in an office next to the site and have been programming for the last week."

There are also four shows per day in the lower-level Robson Square ice rink where Philips LEDs and Martin Smart MACs were installed earlier this year.

Selected gear list for Robson Square

8 Syncrolite MX4

24 Syncrolite SXB 5K

10 Syncrolite SXB 7K

28 Philips Vari-Lite 2500 Spot

14 Philips Vari Lite 3000 Spot

8 Philips Vari Lite 3500 Spot

20 Martin Mac 700 Spot

8 Martin Mac 2000 Performance

8 Martin Mac 600NT

16 Martin Smart Mac

30 Element Labs Versa TUBE

295 Philips Color Blast 12

246 X-Focus Blast

170 X-Focus Par

50 Martin Stage Bar 54

16 Philips IW Blast 12

50 Coemar LED Par

64 Alkalite 1m Octostrip

18 Philips 72" Color Blaze

96 Philips Color Blast 12 Powercore

44 Martin Atomic 3000 Strobe

54 Egg Strobe

70 ETC Source Four ellipsoidal

98 ETC Source Four Par

54 Par 20

16 Par 64

4 4-Lite Blinder

8 Martin ZR33 Fogger

2 RGB Laser 25w

2 YAG Green Laser 5w

10 Isopar Flame Units

2 Large Scale Flame Pots

In addition, Electric Aura Projects is working on the following Olympics projects:

- Production and lighting Design for the Paralympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies

- Lighting design for the City of West Vancouver's Live Site

- Production & lighting Design for the IOC Opening Session

- Lighting consulting for the Yukon segment of the Vancouver Victory Ceremonies

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