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Elation's Compact, Feature-Packed E Spot LED

Elation's Compact, Feature-Packed E Spot LED

e-spot-led.jpgLOS ANGELES -- The new E Spot LED from Elation Professional has got a lot of people buzzing about just what the “E” in its name stands for. “Energy Efficient” is one likely guess, because this compact LED-powered DMX spot fixture produces an output that's brighter than a typical 150-watt discharge lamp, yet it uses less than half the electricity.

“Exciting” would be an equally good choice, considering that the E Spot LED is loaded with DMX-operational features and effects, including 8 dichroic colors, 7 rotating gobos, 3 rotating prisms, variable speed Shutter/Strobe, 0-100% Electronic Dimming, Motorized Focus and more – all packed into an incredibly small, lightweight case.

Which brings up another “E” -- “Everywhere” – which is literally where the E Spot LED can go. Measuring a mere 8”L 11.8”W x 17.2”H/203.2mm x 299.72mm x 436.88 mm and weighing just 25 lbs./11kg., the pint-sized E Spot LED can be easily taken on tour and to all types of events, and it will fit into the tightest, most cramped spaces.

Bottom line: “Evolution.” The E Spot LED was developed in response to the general industry trend toward increasingly more compact, low-energy-usage lighting fixtures, according to Eric Loader, director of sales for Elation Professional. “Today's designers and lighting users want scaled-down size and greater energy-efficiency, yet they don't want to sacrifice brightness and features,” said Loader. “The E Spot LED represents a major advance along these lines -- it delivers so much in terms of output and features for its compact size, while consuming less half the energy of a 150-watt discharge fixture. It's right on target with where today's lighting market is evolving.”

With razor-sharp optics and a flat beam field, the E Spot LED provides a professional lighting tool for a wide range of applications: nightclubs, theaters, concerts, stage productions, churches and more. Its easy portability is ideal for the rental market, and its flicker-free operation makes it a perfect choice for TV/film production lighting too.

Powered by a CBT-90W white 6500°K LED light source, the E Spot LED features a color wheel with 8 dichroic colors and variable speed color scrolling. Seven rotating/indexing replaceable gobos are also included, with gobo scrolling and a Gobo Shake effect. More eye-popping effects can be created by the unit's 3 rotating, indexing prisms – a 3-facet, 5-facet and 3D. The E Spot LED has a 15° beam angle and can pan/tilt 540°/ 630° x 265° for wide-ranging coverage.

All of these and its other features, including Shutter/Strobe, Electronic Dimming and Motorized Focus, can be commanded with a standard DMX controller via 12- or 14-channel operation. The E Spot LED also includes 8 built-in programs which can be called up either manually or via DMX. Another convenient feature is Elation's exclusive RDMX (Remote DMX Addressing), which allows DMX values to be set remotely from the controller itself, eliminating the need to climb on ladders to access installed fixtures.

The E Spot LED produces an output of 960 lux/ 91 foot-candles at 16 feet, while consuming only 180W at maximum use. Not only is it extremely energy efficient, but its solid state LED lamp source emits minimal heat and is rated at 60,000 hours for maintenance-free operation.

The MSRP of the E Spot LED is $1,999.95.

See the exciting E Spot LED in action – click link below.

For more information, call Elation Professional toll-free at 866-245-6726 or visit

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