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Elation To Unveil Innovative Lighting, Video & Control Solutions At InfoComm12

Elation To Unveil Innovative Lighting, Video & Control Solutions At InfoComm12

platinum-wash-zfx-pro-1.jpgLOS ANGELES – (For Immediate Release) -- Whether it's a flexible LED video panel that can bend around curved surfaces, or a powerful ACL beam that gives off the brightness of a 1,200-watt fixture while using a mere one-third the energy, Elation Professional will be showing products that go beyond the ordinary at InfoComm 2012, held in Las Vegas, June 13-15. A high-contrast blackface LED video panel, new series of IP65-rated outdoor Quad-Color Technology pixel-control fixtures, high-power Quad-Color LED wash with onboard zoom and effects, and 1024-channel solid state DMX recorder command-line controller for permanent installations are among the other highlights that will be on display at Elation's InfoComm Booth C11511.

“Elation is committed to providing lighting and video professionals with the most innovative solutions for today's design and technical needs,” said Eric Loader, director of sales for Elation Professional. “For example, now that LED video screens have come into widespread use, designers are going beyond the first wave and are looking for more specialized products within this category. That's why we've developed the EPV15 Flex, a flexible LED panel that can be used to build curved and rounded video walls, and another very high-contrast video panel, the EPV762TV, that provides improved levels of black and contrast. We're also seeing lighting projects becoming increasingly complex with interactions between different types of gear and different operating protocols, so we came out with the Art SSC and Art iO controllers to provide an easy, total show control solution for permanent installations.”

Here is a closer look at some of the innovative products that Elation will be showing at InfoComm:

EPV15 Flex Video Panel – When it comes to video walls, designers no longer have to tow the straight and narrow (or straight and wide) – thanks to Elation's new EPV15 Flex flexible LED video panel. Designed for creating curved video walls, the EPV15 Flex features an innovative Easy Flex Design that allows the panels to bend, coil and wrap around any surface, whether flat or dimensional. With its ability to adapt to curved surfaces and high ingress protection ratings of IP65 (front) and IP54 (back), the EPV15 Flex makes it possible to install a high-impact video wall anywhere -- indoors or outdoors –in spaces of any shape or size. Utilizing three-in-one RGB SMD LEDs, it features a 15mm pixel pitch, 4,500-nit brightness, and 12m minimum viewing distance. Each EPV15 Flex panel measures 19.2” x 19.2” (480mm x 480mm) and includes its own built-in PSU 100V-240V power supply.

EPV762TV Video Panel – This high-contrast LED video panel just might be the “new black.” A 7.62mm pixel pitch high-resolution panel, it features “black face” LEDs, which provide the sharper contrast and improved black levels that many designers are looking for today. Rated at 1,600 nits, it offers 16-bit processing and a high 2000Hz refresh rate for flicker-free performance. Compact and easy to rig, the 19.2” x 19.2” panel contains its own 100-240v built-in psu with Powercon In/Out for power link and Ethercon In/Out for video signal. It is cETLus approved.

Platinum Beam 15R – Producing a razor sharp, very narrow 3° beam, this DMX moving head fixture utilizes the new Philips MSD Platinum 15R lamp, which allows it to achieve 1,200-watt-like brightness in a unit that's about one-third the size and uses one-third the energy. It's loaded with features and effects, including 10 dichroic colors, 17 gobos, 8-facet prism, gobo scrolling, variable speed strobe, dual flag mechanical dimming system, and a variable Frost Filter that gives it the versatility to function as a “hybrid” wash effect. Operating on 22 DMX channels, it can pan 630° or 540° and tilt 265°. Other features include an integrated DMX recorder and edit function, and electronic ballast and power supply. The Platinum Beam 15R weighs only 48.5 lbs. and measures 13.8” x 14.6” x 25.15”

ELAR Quad Series – With an IP65 rating and Quad-Color LED Technology, this new series of architectural wash fixtures brings perfect, shadow-free color mixing to any outdoor or indoor application. Powered by Cree Quad LEDs, the units offer single pixel control and a high output in a compact, rugged die-cast aluminum case. There are four models in the ELAR Quad Series:

*ELAR Quad Panel – 16 x 10W Cree LEDs; 12° beam angle, 21° field angle

*ELAR Quad Strip – 8 x 10W Cree LEDs; 11.5° beam angle, 21° field angle

*ELAR Quad Bar – 4 x 10W Cree LEDs; 11.5° beam angle, 21° field angle

*ELAR Quad Par – 9x 10W Cree LEDs; 25° beam angle

All models feature built-in Color Macros, Auto or Manual control, 0-100% dimming, and a variable speed strobe. Low in energy usage, they feature an electronic switching power supply.

Platinum Wash ZFX Pro – Today's lighting professionals want LED fixtures that can do more design-wise, and the Platinum Wash ZFX Pro obliges with a few extra tricks up its sleeve. An RGBW color-mixing moving head wash, the “ZFX” in its name stands for “Zoom” and “Effects.” One of its “extras” is a motorized zoom (17°-43° field angle), which gives it the flexibility of narrow beam or wide coverage. Another “extra” are its Chase/Zone effects, which are rings of LED array controllable zones, making it a much more high-energy visual effect than the typical wash – and ideal for the added visual eye candy popular in today's shows. With 19 x 10-watt OSRAM QUAD-color (red, green, blue, white) LEDs, its total LED engine is just 190 watts, yet it produces an amazingly bright output comparable to a 700-watt discharge fixture, thanks to its cutting-edge OSRAM chipset and innovative HO optical lens design.

Art SSC 1024-Channel Solid State DMX Recorder / Command-Line Controller – Like much of our lighting products, now our controllers feature solid state design. Designed to provide the ultimate easy, total solution for controlling lighting in permanent installations, the Art SSC offers a complete array of features that let you program, operate, record, playback and schedule light shows, in one low-maintenance solid-state unit that has no moving parts…without requiring a computer. It features two optically-isolated 512-channel DMX universes and one DMX input; Art-Net Output and Input; MIDI In, Through and Out; and an Ethernet connection that supports HTML, Art-Net, OSC and proprietary protocols. Featuring web client browser control, the Art SSC is easy to program and operate via its industry-standard command-line interface. When connected to a web browser, it becomes a 1024-channel lighting controller that can handle up to 256 scenes with programmable fade and hold times. It also includes a DMX and Art-Net recorder that can record and store up to 16 tracks with 1024 channels each. Equipped with an astronomic clock, the Art SSC can be programmed to trigger events by date, time, day of the week, and sunrise or sunset, making it great for both indoor and outdoor lighting control. Featuring advanced system integration logic, it can interact with other types of controllers and gear, allowing users to synchronize playback and trigger events via time-code, contact closure or any other incoming signal. For even more flexibility, the Art SSC is compatible with VisualTouch touchscreen interface software, providing an easy option for “non-technical” users to operate it as a standalone playback controller.

See these and other exciting products at Elation Professional's InfoComm display at Booth #C11511, or visit for more information.

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