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Elation Shines At 2012 LDI, Showcasing Nearly 30 New Products  And Winning “Best Creative Use Of Lighting” Award

Elation Shines At 2012 LDI, Showcasing Nearly 30 New Products And Winning “Best Creative Use Of Lighting” Award

elationldiaward.jpg LOS ANGELES—(For Immediate Release) – For Elation Professional it was an “award-winning” 2012 LDI Show -- in more ways than one. Not only did the company enjoy an amazing response to the nearly 30 new lighting and video products it launched at the Las Vegas show, it also received LDI’s award for “Best Creative Use Of Lighting” in recognition of the dynamic light show displayed at its booth, which incorporated many of these cutting-edge products in a choreographed presentation.

Among the most buzzed-about product breakthroughs unveiled by Elation were two exciting new series that raise the bar in speed and portability:

* Rayzor Series -- High-output RGBW LED wash/beam fixtures featuring advanced motor driven technology, billed by the company as “the fastest moving heads we’ve ever introduced.”

* Volt Series -- Battery-powered indoor/outdoor IP65-rated RGBW Quad-Color professional uplights, which bring a new level of go-anywhere portability to lighting professionals.

Visitors to Elation’s LDI booth also got to preview the latest additions to the company’s extremely successful Platinum Series: the Platinum Beam 5R Extreme, featuring advanced optics, remote focus and improved movement speed; and Platinum Spot 35 Pro 800W spot with CMY color mixing, zoom, frost, animation wheel and prism effects. Other popular attractions included the Satura RGBW Spot Series, Level Q7 Quad-Color flat pars; DLED Fresnel 250, and Pixel Pulse Bar Tri-Color LED bar with pixel strobe effects.

In the video solution category, highlights included the new Zeus Media Server powered by Arkaos, ECV40 pixel mesh indoor screen, and EPV15RF IP65 Roll-Flex screen. Additionally, Elation unveiled the world’s first wi-fi fogger, the Wifi 800 from Antari.

Elation’s sister company Acclaim Lighting grabbed its share of the spotlight too, with its Dyna Series LED Flood, Cove, and Graze fixtures, available in both HO and SO versions; ALQ Series IP65 Quad-Color RGBW bars; and ART SSC and ART IO controllers.

The new products drew “fantastic feedback” from customers, said Elation director of sales Eric Loader, and the company’s booth was busy throughout the entire three-day show. “We always present our newest products scheduled for release during the coming year, which allows us to get feedback and gauge interest in the new technologies and product solutions we are bringing to market,” commented Loader. “So much planning goes into LDI every year, and I am really proud of our entire Elation team for all the extra hard work and effort they put in, which paid off in many ways.”

One of the ways it paid off was in Elation’s winning of the LDI award for “Best Creative Use Of Lighting” for its eye-catching light show. “To celebrate the 25-year anniversary of LDI, we thought what better way than to present a booth design that was open, as well as a choreographed lighting/video presentation which would allow customers to see our products in a real-world action display,” said Loader. “The design was a collaborative effort from the entire Elation team, while the soundtrack and programming was directed by our own Esteban De La Torre, who received compliments from many top lighting designers at the show for his ‘tight’ and ‘dynamic’ programming abilities. The award was a great testament to the products, but even more to the dedication of our entire Elation team, who worked hard to present out products in such a way that our customers could experience their full capabilities.”

For more information, contact Elation Professional toll-free at 866-245-6726 or visit

Photo caption: Eric Loader, Elation Director of Sales and Esteban De La Torre Elation Lighting Programmer with LDI 2012 Best Creative Use of Lighting Award

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