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Elation Platinum Beams Take The Stage With  Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift Etc. At 2012 Jingle Ball

Elation Platinum Beams Take The Stage With Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift Etc. At 2012 Jingle Ball

jingle-ball-7_smallerwithcredit.jpgLOS ANGELES – (For Immediate Release) – Along with mistletoe and eggnog, KIIS-FM’s pop star-studded Jingle Ball concert, now in its 13th year, has become a December tradition. Known for a lineup of marquee performers that reads like a playlist from the Top 40 radio station, this year’s Jingle Ball -- the first two-day version of the event -- featured sets from Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Ne-Yo, One Republic, Jonas Brothers, Ellie Goulding, Flo Rida, Ke$ha and, to name a few.

Rocking the massive stage at L.A.’s Nokia Theatre alongside these mega-artists was another superstar in the making: Elation Professional’s Platinum Beam 5R. An extreme ACL moving head beam effect, the Platinum Beam 5R was chosen by Todd Roberts of Visions Lighting (Brea, CA) as a defining light for illuminating Jingle Ball, which by its nature is a very challenging event to rig.

“Each of the performers brought their own lighting designer with them,” said Roberts, who has handled Jingle Ball’s lighting for the past several years. “Of course, the designers all got their own time to program the lighting specifically how they wanted it to be. We were running four consoles at Front of House, because everybody wanted their own type of board. It was pretty crazy, as you can imagine.”

The lighting, therefore, had to be able to cut across the needs of the various acts – and the Platinum Beam 5R did this both figuratively and literally. With its distinctive bright, tight 2.5° beam aircraft landing-style beam, the Platinum Beam 5R can literally “cut through” very powerful wash lights in large spaces to produce dramatic searchlight-type shafts of light.

This ultra-bright highly-concentrated beam look is currently very hot with designers across the board, Roberts pointed out. Thus, the Platinum Beam 5R was ideal for a multi-artist concert like Jingle Ball, figuratively “cutting across” the creative styles of the individual LDs. “The Platinum Beam has just become the go-to light now,” commented Roberts. “Everybody wants (the sharp, concentrated beam look), and Elation’s Platinum Beam is a more economical version of it.”

With a large array of professional features built into it, the Platinum Beam 5R also has the versatility to produce a variety of design looks, and can thus offer “something for everyone” artistically-speaking. The fixture includes 12 dichroic colors, 8 rotating gobos, an 8-facet prism, and a Frost Filter that can transform its tight 2.5° beam into a wash-like effect.

Roberts used a total of 24 Platinum Beam 5R units on the 70’ by 40’ Jingle Ball stage. Twelve of the fixtures were mounted on the stage’s turntable wall, which had a band set up on each side. “On top of the wall was a truss arch with LED drapes on it, and on top of that were the 12 Platinum Beams,” detailed Roberts. “So they rotated along with the turntable wall.” Of the remaining 12 units, 6 were positioned on each side of the stage on side-trussing.

Roberts was also impressed with the Platinum Beam 5R’s compact size relative to its high output. Measuring just 14.1” x ’13.2” x 18.5” and weighing under 35 lbs., it emits the brightness of a much larger moving head beam fixture, thanks to its advanced Philips MSD Platinum 5R lamp technology. “It’s light and easy to handle,” said Roberts. “This makes it really nice for the guys. Everybody was really happy with it.”

For more information contact:

Elation Professional at 866-245-6726 or visit

Visions Lighting at 714-674-0148 or visit

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