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Elation EPV375 HO LED Display Panel

Elation EPV375 HO LED Display Panel

Elation IP-Rated EPV375 HO �See-Through� LED Display Panel

Is Ideal Video Solution For Indoor/Outdoor Concerts And Events

epv-375-ho.jpgLOS ANGELES -- (For Immediate Release) � Elation Professional's new EPV375 HO LED Display Panel is the perfect tool for creating stunning see-through video effects at concerts, stage shows and special events � whether indoors or outdoors. Rated at IP65, the EPV375 HO is rugged enough to withstand wind, dust and rain, yet it's also lightweight and easy to assemble into any desired screen size. And with 8,000-nit brightness, this semi-transparent 37.5mm-pixel-pitch panel will produce dazzling, high-contrast visuals anywhere, under any conditions.

The newest model in Elation's Pro Video Series, the EPV375 HO utilizes an RRGGB DIP LED system and features a 135� horizontal viewing angle. Offering full viewing-angle color stability, it provides sharp, clear images from virtually any perspective within a venue. A 2,000Hz refresh rate and 16-bit processing further enhance its video quality.

As easy to install as it is visually impressive, the EPV375 HO was designed to meet the on-the-job needs of lighting/video professionals. Made of lightweight aluminum, each panel measures 47� x 47� (1,200mm x 1,200mm) and weighs less than 55 lbs. (26 kg.), providing easy transport and setup. Rigging hardware, power, data distribution and signal processing are built right into each panel, allowing for fast, seamless assembly. Plus, the panels themselves are constructed with a top, bottom and main center structure holding the LED strips in place, a design that not only helps speed up installation, but also makes for easy maintenance from both front and back.

Maintenance, however, is something that the EPV375 HO requires very little of. Its long-life LEDs are rated at 100,000 hours, so they'll shine brightly at show after show without requiring replacement. Along with the screen's IP65 rating, each panel features Weipu outdoor data connectors and a Weipu outdoor power link that can stand up to even the harshest weather conditions.

Like all models in Elation's Pro Video Series, the EPV375 HO is manufactured using only ROHS-approved raw materials. It meets CE, ETL and TÜV standards, thus assuring its safety and compliance for use in any venue or installation.

�The EPV375 HO is a very high-quality, lightweight video display panel that can be installed quickly and easily. Its rugged construction and IP65 rating make it great for use outdoors, as well as indoors, at concerts, stage shows, exhibitions, rentals � anywhere that see-through type video effects are desired,� said Eric Loader. �The EPV375 HO has already been used at Identity Festival, the largest all-electronic concert tour, where it has performed extremely well under the rigorous conditions of traveling cross-country to 15 cities from Boston to San Diego during a one-month period.�

Designed for a minimum viewing distance of 20m, each EPV375 HO panel contains 1024 (32 x 32) pixels, with 720 pixels per square meter. Contrast ratio is 8192:1, and scanning rate is 300Hz.

The panels feature multi-voltage operation: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz. Extremely energy efficient, each panel consumes a maximum of 290 watts, with the average draw per panel just 120 watts.

For more information, contact Elation Professional toll-free at 866-245-6726 or visit

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