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Elation Education Experience Winner James Keeley Designs Lighting for R&B/Hip-Hop Artist Cupid and's 1st Birthday Bash

Elation Education Experience Winner James Keeley Designs Lighting for R&B/Hip-Hop Artist Cupid and's 1st Birthday Bash

dsc_0195_smaller.jpgLOS ANGELES – Since winning an Elation Education Experience Award for aspiring lighting designers, James Keeley has become a respected lighting “guru” who so impressed Elation Professional and its parent company, American DJ, that they hired him as a consultant. Answering a few questions for American DJ customer Matt Bushweiler via Facebook helped James get the job of designing and running the lighting for the 1st Birthday Bash, which recently took place at Good Times Bar & Grill in Reedsburg, Wisconsin.

The multi-talented R&B and hip-hop performer Cupid, best known for his dance club hits, “Cupid Shuffle” and “CU-Step,” was the headlining act for the 1st Birthday Bash. Wisconsin-based acts Motion, Dr. Diction and L. U. V. also performed at the event, and's own DJ Fusion and Foamalicious owner/DJ Chris Smooth kept the music going all night long ( is a division of Foamalicious Inc.). The company sent Interscope Records' national recording artist Nox to the party as a surprise for all of those gathered to celebrate the foam party company's first birthday.

James used his lighting design skills to create an upbeat and energetic mood to go along with the music the DJ's were spinning, Nox's performance and Cupid's beat-driven dance tunes. He used Global Truss trussing to construct a concert-sized lighting rig to support the fixtures he used in creating dramatic, sound-activated effects such as strobing, color changes and sweeps. These fixtures included:

• 6 Elation Platinum Spot 5R's

• 2 Elation Design LED Tri Bricks

• 2 Elation E-Spot LED's

• 1 ADJ TriPhase

• 1 ADJ UV16

• 2 ADJ Mega Pixels

• Various lengths of 3-pin and 5-pin Accu-Cable

• Elation's Compu Show PC software

The response and feedback James received from attendees at the party indicated that the event was a huge success. “There were a lot of people that told me that the lighting really added to the feel and look of the show,” James said. “Matt and the owners of the club are in the process of planning shows in the near future (and) I will proudly be a part of the lighting crew again.”

For more information on Elation Professional, call toll-free at 866-245-6726 or visit

For more information on American DJ, call toll free 1-800-322-6337 or visit the website at

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