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El Paso, TX Elation Holiday Light Show Requires “Search Light” Permit!

El Paso, TX Elation Holiday Light Show Requires “Search Light” Permit!

xmaslights.jpg EL PASO, TX – (For Immediate Release) – Once again this holiday season, El Paso is lighting up with a colossal synchronized Christmas light show that features products from Elation Professional. But this year, thanks to a new and incredibly bright addition to the lighting extravaganza -- Elation's Platinum Beam 5R -- the city of El Paso actually required “search light” permits!

The block-long display at the home of Fred Loya, has become a holiday tradition in the west Texas town, with over 4,000 people gathering each weekend during the month of December to enjoy the lights of the massive Christmas show as they flash, chase and change colors in synchronization to popular songs of the season.

This year's display is bigger and better than ever, featuring 12 Platinum Beam 5R's, an extreme ACL beam effect powered by the new Philips MSD Platinum 5R lamp that blasts out the tight, narrow focus and ultra-brightness of a classic aircraft landing light. The intense light from the Platinum Beam 5R is responsible for El Paso's decision to require the display to have “search light” permits for operation! Also included are 30 powerful Elation ELAR EX Floods, high-output LED RGB color-mixing outdoor floods that wash the area in brilliant, colorful light.

All of this glittering holiday magic is controlled by 1,900 DMX channels, programmed by Esteban De La Torre-Alva of Elation Inside Sales, who is now in his sixth year of designing the El Paso display. There are about 500 dimmers placed throughout the entire yard, consisting of Elation DP-415 4-channel dimmer packs that can control up to 8 fixtures each and the compact, single-channel Uni Paks, dimmer/switch packs that have standard 512-DMX protocol. The light show is being run with Elation's Compu Live, DMX lighting software, using an AL-NET8 for art-net to DMX outputs.

Click link below to see a video of the amazing 2011 El Paso Holiday Light Show.

For more information, contact Elation Professional toll-free at 866-245-6726 or visit

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