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Ecological stage solution at PLASA 2012

Ecological stage solution at PLASA 2012

ShowTex Acoustic BaffleShowTex presents ecological stage solutions at PLASA Show 2012.

The ShowTex Acoustic Baffle has been nominated for a Theatres Trust People's Choice Award and a PLASA Innovation Award.

This new flexible fabric panel is proof that stage technology and the environment can go hand in hand.

Independent laboratory research confirms the Acoustic Baffle from ShowTex achieves better sound absorption of very low frequency sound levels than any other baffle on the market today with just half the fabric thickness of other systems.

Made from 100% recycled material, the flame retardant baffle provides an ecological solution for sound absorption. An in-house recycling program for fabric cut offs in the ShowTex sewing workshop was the first step towards developing the baffle. Ongoing research into acoustic properties of ShowTex fabrics led to the combined matting and cover quality that would produce the best acoustic results. Finishing and modular elements for the Acoustic Baffle were designed for use in a variety of applications from studios to temporary venues to purpose built structures.

The ShowTex Acoustic Baffle is manufactured in two standard sizes 140 cm wide x 300 cm long and 140 cm wide x 200 cm long weighing 13,8 kg/panel and 9,6 kg/panel respectively. Combining the two standard formats makes it possible to cover nearly any height or area, even around curves and corners. Custom formats and /or colours are available by request. The panels are finished off with Velcro and hooks for easy connection and installation.

The Acoustic Baffle will be on display in the PLASA Innovation Gallery and at the Theatres Trust People's Choice Awards stage at the 2012 PLASA show at Earls Court in London from September 9-12.

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