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Eastbound: grandMA system used for Siberian theatre

Eastbound: grandMA system used for Siberian theatre

TyumenBeing the first Siberian town ever, Tyumen, founded in 1586, may not be the world's best known city. But with its recently installed grandMA system the Tyumen's Theatre of Drama will surely be one of the most well equipped among all theatrical complexes in Russia. This installation now meets the highest worldwide standards for lighting, sound and mechanical stage equipment in theatres.

The main objective for the installation was to develop an up-to-date complex which will provide the lighting designer with the tools to create shows, for all levels of complexity. For convenient working practice it was necessary to design a complete system which includes all aspects of lighting: control, dimming, networking and media. The project was carried out by the company TSPR (Teatr Stroy-Proekt R) - the distributor for MA lighting in the Russia. Alexei Kopylov and Alexandr Kontorovich were the Lighting Designers of the project who prepared all the specifications and performed all pre-programming and programming of the whole system.

In order to light the main auditorium, with 795 seats, 66 x 5kVA dimmer-channels, 300 x 3kVA dimmer-channels, 524 control channels for moving lights and about 1,400 channels for media servers were needed. A grandMA full-size was chosen as the main lighting console. Additionally a server with grandMA onPC software and two MA NSP's were used as a backup system which allowed operation of a very safe control system. So even if the main console were to fail, the system will continue to operate without any changes. MA NSP's were used to increase the number of channels.

dimMA compact was chosen as the dimming system. Each dimmer rack was equipped with a Network Dimmer Processor (NDP). They were connected to the lighting console by MA-Net via Ethernet. This allows bi-directional communication between the lighting console and the dimmers. The lighting designer now has a strong tool in operating the dimmer system. So you can monitor all the information about the dimmer system from the console; in addition you can check all the mistakes and faults without the need to go to the dimming room which can be very useful during a live show!.

Eight MA 2PortNodes were installed on each of the five soffits, projecting soffit, working balcony and portal wall. On each soffit there are two DMX-outputs that made the installation easier. The connection with the lighting console was made via MA-Net.

For video projection three media servers were installed with grandMA video software. Projection was performed using two Publitec beaMover 57 and one Sanyo unit.

A.C.T Lighting is the exclusive North American distributor for the grandMA. A.C.T Lighting can be reached at 818-707-0884 or

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