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DWR goes wireless with CRMX

DWR goes wireless with CRMX

DWR goes wireless with CRMX

Gothenburg, Sweden, July 14, 2010

DWR Distribution is pleased to provide LumenRadio´s CRMX Nova and CRMX Outdoor to the South African market. This wireless DMX, RDM and DALI technology, developed by pioneers of wireless light controls - eliminates long cable runs and is able to provide full reliability in the the most challenging environments. It is said to be bullet-proof.

CRMX stands for Cognitive Radio Multiplexer and includes Automated Cognitive Coexistence, which means that the wireless system automatically adapts to its environment and never disturbs or is disturbed by other wireless equipment to provide unparalleled reliability.

”There has been a strong growth of sales of CRMX products over the last quarter,” explained Per Hultén, CEO of LumenRadio. “Customer interest surged with the release of our CRMX Outdoor series which brought reliable wireless DMX, RDM and DALI control to the outdoor entertainment and architainment markets. We believe the entire CRMX product portfolio will see strong sales in the expanding South African market in the next year."

Anders ArdstÃ¥l, Vice President of LumenRadio, added, “We are excited and proud to see our CRMX products distributed by DWR in South Africa. DWR was our first choice and were glad to see that they felt the same way about LumenRadio. Together with their outstanding position on the South African market and existing product portfolio, our products will be in good company. We will bring the most reliable wireless product into South African together

with the number one distributor”.

The bigger the shows, the more the need arises for this type of technology. “LumenRadio is top of the range, the units are powerful, robust and built really well,” commented Duncan Riley from DWR. “We look forward to this new working relationship and are pleased to represent this brand, which certainly will fill a necessary gap in the market.”

Jessica Björk


Marketing Manager

[email protected]


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