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Dura-Flex Cat5E Cable Now Available, CMG Certification Added

North Creek, NY – October 22, 2008 - Creative Stage Lighting has added Cat5E cable to its Dura-Flex brand of Entertainment Industry cables.

Dura-Flex Cat5E brings the same properties as the rest of the Dura-Flex cable line to ethernet, including Dura-Flex strength, ease of use, and environmental responsibility through RoHS certification. It's manufactured to withstand rigorous conditions that come with continuous performances.

Dura-Flex Cat5E cable is available in bulk and various cableset lengths with standard RJ45 connectors and Neutrik EtherCon connectors.

Dura-Flex DMX, Microphone, and Control Cable has also been CMG designated, making it suitable for in-wall installations and general use within buildings in accordance with Section 800.154 (E)(1) of the NEC.

Dura-Flex cable was the first entertainment industry cable to emphasize environmental standards like RoHS. More information about Dura-Flex cable, including Cat5E, can be found at

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