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displayLED showcases dramatic new generation digiFLEX tile

displayLED showcases dramatic new generation digiFLEX tile

digiFLEX - the original FLEX from displayLED was awarded the 2008 PLASA Award for Innovation The digiFLEX new generation tile

International screen specialist displayLED has launched a new generation of its flexible LED tile, digiFLEX. The new digiFLEX is a more robust version of displayLED's previous award winning flexible screen, upgraded to be production friendly in concert touring environments while simultaneously providing camera friendly imagery in television studios. The product also opens up creative and dramatic opportunities for architectural applications and for creating stunning displays for the conference and exhibition market.

“The new digiFLEX is a rugged, rental-friendly product with robust connections and handling for touring use,” says Tom Mudd, displayLED's technical manager. “With a magnetic installation system, digiFLEX is extremely easy to use, allowing any metal surface to be covered with this LED video skin. If you can make the shape in steel we can cover it in digiFLEX.”

The screen is available in 10mm and 6mm versions and includes features such as displayLED's new Pixel Eater - a device which allows a single coherent image to be displayed on fragmented or exploded screens, offering set designers and video directors enormous scope for creativity.

digiFLEX uses one-to-one DVI pixel mapping in a magnetic mounted, flexible PCB package. With a choice of improved LED technologies, the super-black level performance that makes digiFLEX so suitable for TV has been enhanced, while brighter characteristic LEDs allow for near sunlight levels of screen environment.

displayLED has increased the number of pixels driven from a single Power and Data Distributor (PDD) with digiFLEX, so a greater surface area of LED is supplied by fewer boxes behind the scenes. It uses a tech-friendly connection system with light-weight cables, allowing power boxes to be located up to five metres away from the screen.

The product has already seen impressive sales among live music and television clients, just weeks after hitting the market, and is already a hit with production companies on tour and in the studio.

Japanese production company Hibino has invested in over 30m² of the new generation digiFLEX, initially for use on a major stand at a Motor Show, while Swiss Television's Technology and Production Center (TPC), Zurich, has installed a new generation digiFLEX screen 1.5 times HD wide in its sports studio.

In live music, electronic artist Squarepusher is using wearable digiFLEX to increase the intense visual experience of his show, while US musical theatre phenomenon Blue Man Group is incorporating the product into multiple shows across the US. Working with PRG-Nocturne, displayLED system designers have also just completed a creative digiFLEX touring installation, which sees the tiles being integrated with the keyboard, piano and drum kit of a major global artist.

“The new generation digiFLEX clearly meets a growing need in the entertainment market for truly unique, unbelievably creative solutions. It offers flexibility and something completely different, to give a show the ‘wow' factor,” says Graham Burgess, CEO of displayLED. “We've worked hard at reducing the cost of this creative product and the sales momentum indicates that its price point now makes it accessible to the wider market. We're delighted at the initial response and believe this ground-breaking product has enormous creative and commercial potential.”

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