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Die Ärzte in Linz

Die Ärzte in Linz


When legendary German superstars Die Ärzte played two sold-out stadium shows in Linz, Austria, their lighting designer Lui Helmig spec'd 130 Robe moving lights as the main work-horses of the rig for the spectacular show.

Die Ärzte's live performances have a reputation for dazzlingly spectacular light-shows and this one was no exception. Helmig arranged the fixtures - a mix of ColorSpot and ColorWash 1200E ATs and ColorSpot and Wash 2500E ATs - across 9 'finger' trusses above the stage, and on a front truss.

On the floor were 12 ColorWash 2500E ATs and 6 ColorWash 1200E ATs, used for aerial beam work, effects and low level cross stage lighting - all adding a bit of additional drama and dimension to the stage.

The design also incorporated GLEC video screens hung in between the trusses, and Helmig tried to make the stage as open and accessible for sight-lines all around the venue, including the far sides.

He has worked with Robe products constantly and consistently since he was first introduced to the brand by German distributors LMP 6 years ago. He first saw ColorSpot 1200s in action on a German tour by Finnish rockers, The Rasmus (LD Mikko Enäkoski) back in 2003, after which he went to LMP for a demo.

Since then, Robe has been his moving light brand of choice, and so he is well acquainted with all the creative options they bring to his work.

He's also impressed by the reliability. He recalls his first tour using Robe fixtures, when the budget was extremely tight so he carried no spares ..... and as it turned out, he didn't need them! Reliability is the "Most important" element of any hardware for him.

He comments that "The colours and the light output are excellent, and they are generally really fast moving, good quality units".

Helmig operated the Linz shows using a Road Hog Full Boar console, with the media run from an Arkaos system, and all lighting equipment was supplied by Satis & Fy from Dortmund.

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