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Did Somebody Just Buy PRG ?

I just saw a cryptic thing: Goldman Sacs gave over 350 Million dollars to back about 600 Million dollars to allow another group to buy "back" PRG... SO is that Jeri ? One hopes...

Speaking of acquisitions, Color Kinetics completed it's mission and got itself acquired by Philips. With a valuable portfolio of patents like that, generated through many years of litigation, negotiation, and persuasion, it was bound to attract a major buyout... Perhaps the fact that all the patents relate to a major widespread technological shift in lighting everywhere played a part. In any case congratulations Color Kinetics. And congratulations all of us. Philips has already expressed it's desire to license and share the IP gained in this transaction. We can look forward to a further proliferation of mixed video/lighting LED products now...

I enjoyed the warmth and intimacy of how small theatre and the entertainment industry seemed, even five years ago. Moore's law, it would seem, applies not only to computer processing, but also to the velocity of change in our industry. But as a designer, it's an amazing time to be alive. Artistic toolsets we couldn't have even imagined fifty years ago now enable whole new forms and disciplines.

Happy Tuesday everybody...

Bob Bonniol

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