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Desire™ on ice: ETC Selador D40XT™ goes on location in Antarctica

Desire™ on ice: ETC Selador D40XT™ goes on location in Antarctica

ETC designed the IP66-rated Selador Desire Studio HD D40XT LED luminaire to withstand weather extremes – rain, snow, humidity, and temperatures ranging from -4° to 104°F. The D40XT gives broadcast installations ETC-quality lighting for outdoor shoots, no matter what the elements are. Paul Slater, the director of Sunrise – Australia's highest rated morning show – decided to challenge that claim and put the D40XT to the ultimate test by taking it with him to Antarctica.

ETC Selador D40XT in Antarctica

For a week, Sunrise broadcast live from Casey Station – the Australian base in Antarctica – where they interviewed scientists and technicians. Originally, an HMI fixture was slated to light the shoot, but after it broke, it was replaced by a D40XT that had been purchased through ETC dealer Jands. It's just as bright as the HMI, but the D40XT's smaller size made it easier to transport, and its user-interface meant the designers could adjust the lighting without the need for a console or dimmer. “It's an all-encompassing, weatherproof light that enables us to dial in different color temperatures, whether it's daylight or tungsten lighting,” remarks Slater, who operated the D40XT in Antarctica. “You also have full dim control. To have all those features in a light without the need for a ballast is really handy.”ETC Selador D40XT in Antarctica

The D40XT braved the unrelenting cold and snow of Antarctica, constantly producing bright, clean light without taking on moisture or corroding. “The fact that it is 100% weatherproof is a big plus for all of the outdoor shooting we do when traveling for Sunrise,” says Slater. “Antarctica is a pretty extreme place and it was good to know we wouldn't have to worry about the fixture. It delivered a lot of punch, which is exactly what I needed down there. The shots looked great and I've had nothing but positive feedback about the broadcast.”

ETC Selador D40XT in AntarcticaWhen the crew returned home to Australia, the D40XT was added to Sunrise's lighting inventory, to be used on any future shoots that require a convenient, functional, and efficient outdoor tool. “Although most of the time when we do outdoor broadcasts we have plenty of power, it's still handy to have a fixture that is LED and requires less power draw than conventional fixtures,” noted Paul. “You never know when you'll be broadcasting from the bush using a small generator!” And when they do film in the bush, the Selador Desire Studio D40XT LED will be ready – no matter how much heat or sun Mother Nature throws at it.

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