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DC Connect Brings 100 Years of Jewish History to Life with [i]Cell Technology

DC Connect Brings 100 Years of Jewish History to Life with [i]Cell Technology

UJANEW YORK (March 31, 2010) – DC Connect has completed a permanent installation of its [i]cell technology at the UJA-Federation of New York (UJA). The [i]cell technology system offers a unique, interactive experience that delivers real-time audio, visuals and lighting following a simple hand gesture. In addition to providing this innovative technology and programming, DC Connect coordinated and managed the entire design and installation of this display with its parent company, DesignContact – an international designer of engaged spaces such as exhibits, booths and meeting venues.

Part of UJA's building wide ‘Impetus and Response' Exhibition, the [i]cell technology is embedded in a mural which contains images of Jewish History from the Yom Kippur War to present day. John Moyik, Jr., president of DC Connect explains, “The first part where the [i]cell interactive components are used in this mural is a basic pairing — an ‘impetus and response' — where one image is selected and illuminates highlighting a particular issue or emergency and, at the same time, a second image illuminates showing UJA's response. The [i]cells in conjunction with a computer program makes this possible.” A total of seven pairings cover a variety of modern subjects from teaching about Jewish heritage and identity to the emergency response UJA provided to communities in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

A second interactive component using the [i]cell technology is a 3 cell media controller that allows a visitor to browse through sections of a video with the ability to start, pause, skip forward and skip back to specific sections of it.

“A challenge in telling history, especially modern history, is keeping it updated and fresh for future generations,” said Moyik. “We purposely designed the interactive and the mural itself to easily handle a change in content as history unfolds. Our [i]cell technology allows UJA to remain current without any additional programming.” Moyik added. “And it's all run from a single computer in a server room on another floor.”

The entire UJA ‘Impetus and Response' exhibition is a permanent, multi-floor art installation [photos] that captures the rich history of the foundation's response to world events, and its assistance to the world's Jewish people in particular. The three, 6x15 foot murals were digitally printed on canvas and stretched on frames that angle out from the walls. Each panel covers a landmark period in the history of the organization, since the founding of UJA in the early 1900s, and uses art and media contemporaneous with the era in style and presentation.


About DC Connect and DesignContact

DC Connect provides a hand gesture activated interface in the form of its [i]cell technology systems that can deliver real-time response with audio, visuals and lighting. DC Connect is a subsidiary of Design Contact. DesignContact works with dozens of U.S. and international-based event agencies, production companies and exhibit houses to design integrated and intelligent space using architecture, media and interactivity for creative exhibitions, special events and trade shows. Visit and

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