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Day Three Here At PLASA

Day three here at PLASA, and our feet are feeling it. Various internal organs as well.

We met with our pal Julie Harper, who represents Robert Juliat, as well as that company's brand new marketing manager Stephanie Reverse. They were highlighting the new Le Cin'k range of 250mm Fresnel lens followspots.

Cast was introducing its intriguing new BlackBox, an all-in-one, bi-directional high speed communications device designed to enable all control devices to send or receive instructions from each other. Said hello to Helmut Protte of Coolux, who was very excited about his company's recent Emmy Award. Said hi/bye to Nils Thorjussen of Element Labs, who was catching a plane today.

PLASA announced their Awards for Innovation last night. Maybe it's because we're psychic, but many of the products we mentioned in our previous posts were among the winners. They handed out seven silver winners, including Clay Paky's Alpha Beam 300, and Eilon's Ron StageMaster, which we mentioned yesterday, as well as the RSC's LightLock, which won the first ever gold. Other silver winners include Goboland's Black Steel Gobo, Neutrik's convertCON, Display LED Screens digiFLEX, JB-lighting Lichtanlagentechnik's VaryLED A7 Zoom, and Global Design Solutions Mobal 19 Pin Pro Tester.

Tonight it's dinner with the nice folks at Apollo and (hopefully) an early night.

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